Tracey Emin x Stephen Webster Fine Jewellery Collection – Valentines Inspiration | Lady Loves Fashion

In the spirit of Valentines, while avoiding the various clichès and tackiness associated with the day of Love (red hearts and lace please!) we wanted to share with you, a jewellery collection that’s caught our eye. 

Tracey Emin, one of our favourite artists who herself stears clear of such conformity has collaborated with the also anti-establishment jeweller Stephen Webster, to create a line of diamond encrusted pieces that are inspired from Emins Neon light exhibition . The collection entitled ‘I promise to Love you’ is made even more special as both designers have a long friendship which has resulting in their collaboration.  


Having read about the collection in Porter magazine, and knowing both the artists work well, we have to say that we both expected something bold, colourful and dare we say brash. An in your face statement collection. However, on looking at the collection we were pleasantly surprised to see that while it still makes ‘a statement’ it also has a stunning, simple and more minimal take on both the artists’ work. 

Emin’s neon light captions really sit with you for a moment as you ponder the artists motion and movement for creating such a piece. 

Having Emin, a favourite to both of us, create a jewellery line with another of our favourites, is a Lady Loves  dream come true.

Delicately cast in yellow gold with pavè diamonds, the collection (which includes necklaces, rings, ear cuffs, tie pins, charm bracelets and cuffs) has a theme of love, with words such as ‘More Passion’   ‘Love’ and ‘With you I breathe’ making it perfect for Valentines gifting, or simply as a gift to yourself. 

And not a red rose or heart shaped cookie in sight. Now this we can get on board with.


Danielle & Natalie 


Written by Natalie & Danielle 

This is NOT a sponsored post. 

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