Monochrome. Me?! 

Those avid readers will know that monochrome isn’t usually associated with my (Natalie) outfit posts. Usually this is the stuff Danielle’s minimalist dreams are made of while I go stick to orange Leopard print and colour clashing. 

However, I’ve been searching for the perfect outfit for Danielle’s 30th birthday Soirée  this coming weekend and stumbled upon this in Zara.  


It’s not at all my usual style but I think that’s what I love about it actually! For a start I’ve been falling more in love with trousers instead of skirts or dresses for a while now (despite the fact they are always comedy length long on me especially in Zara) and secondly I just LOVE the off the shoulder top which is one of this season’s key looks. 

The Trousers are just £39.99 and the Top is £29.99 making it great value too! 

It’s a serious contender……. don’t you think?! 


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