The Most Flattering Skirt Of All Time Part 2 – by COS | Lady Loves Fashion 

This morning I had to take a huge deep breathe after noticing COS (one of my favourite stores) had a lovely new arrival in their new in section which, if I am honest I have been waiting for for over a year!! Last year I purchased a skirt from COS which turned out to be the best purchase of my life. The skirt was perfection and the cut was so flattering. It even had pockets!! I was devestated at the time that COS had not thought to produce a range of these skirts in different shades. Until now.

 cos cocoon skirt navy new in, navy blue cocoon skirt with pockets, must have skirt of the season 
Behold the cocoon skirt in Navy. Such a Beauty isn’t it?! Looking at it I can see it matches the skirt I wore last year – a different colour of course – which was my best investment all season in my opinion. I love the versatility in this skirt and I know the quality is spot on. And the fact it has pockets is a done deal for me! 

 cos navy cocoon skirt with pockets,  
navy blue midi cocoon skirt with pockets by COS I wore to weddings and christening last year and it still to this day remains one of the most commented on outfits. So the Navy has to be added to my collection! Don’t you just love it when you wake up and magnificent things like this happen?! Adding straight to basket! I just need one in a grey now! 

Shop COS Cocoon Skirt in Navy 

What do you think of this COS Skirt? Let us know in the comment box below! 

Love Danielle & Natalie 


This is NOT a sponsored post 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 

2 thoughts on “The Most Flattering Skirt Of All Time Part 2 – by COS | Lady Loves Fashion 

  1. Hi! I just bought this skirt and loved the cutting as well. I was looking for ways to match this when I came across your blog. Any advice? Especially for formal events 🙂 thanks

    1. I have both the blue and the pink! It’s my all time favourite and can be worn with so many different tops. For the blue I opted for a miss guided number that had cut out sides but I find that any crop top works well because the skirt is high waisted. I wear the pink one with a 3/4 length sleeve black crop top and have also worn it with a batwing white top tucked in from COS! So many options. I would play around with the styles, think cold shoulders, maybe a nice off the shoulder cashmere knit. I could go on all day with suggestions! Feel free to email or message me and I’m happy to send you some suggestions! 😘 xxx

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