The Glove Shoe Obsession – COS | Lady Loves Fashion 

Oh the glove shoes! Have you seen them? Surely you must have heard about them! Sister shoe to the sock boot. It’s all getting soft and slinky in the footwear department. Glove shoes are by far the most comfortable pieces of footwear invented. Minimal to boot. With a simplicity that airs on boring for some, but perfect for moi.

 cos grey leather flat glove shoes 

Behold the Glove Shoe in Grey. A simple slip on ballet flat that is made from the softest leather that hugs your foot like a glove. Comfort is beyond. The leather mounds itself to your foots shape, there will be no rubbing or nasty blisters from these beauties. Also available in black but for me, grey is the versatile winner here.

 cos leather glove flat shoes in grey or black 
Slip them on with everything from day dresses to shorts to jeans to leggings I mean, really. The list is endless. 

Some have branded the glove shoe into the ugly department… Shock horror. But I feel it doesn’t deserve to be classed as ugly…. More like timeless. Your best pair of flats that, by the way will never go out of style. They are too simple for that. And your feet will love you for it.

Adding these bad boys to basket. What do you think? Fugly or lovely? Let us know below! 

Love Danielle & Natalie


Words by Danielle

This is NOT a sponsored post.


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