Spring Essentials – Brown Belted Duster Jacket from River Island | Lady Loves Fashion 

I was running around town the other day looking for a birthday present for a close friend. Just as I am leaving River Island this beautifully simplistic jacket caught my eye. Oh hello, I thought. Had to try it on immediately. Mr LL was instantly handed handbags and jackets and asked politely to step out of the way of the mirror so I could see it in all its glory.

 river island brown belted duster jacket, minimal nude coloured duster hacket with detachable belt, lady loves fashion wears  
I don’t usually shop in River Island as I sometimes feel it’s a bit young for me, but there are certain items that stand out, well priced and well made that stop me in my tracks. This jacket was one of them. It was the clean line from the neckline down to the knee that did it really. It has a pocket on each side and a detachable belt. I think it adds a nice dimension to the outfit I am already wearing. Just a pop of colour. More nude brown than actual brown in terms of colour. And I think that is why it caught my eye. 

It’s only £60 as well so it would be a guilt free investment. They only had a 6 in store, which did fit fine but the size 8 would have a little more give for my broad shoulders. Now thinking about it, I haven’t fallen in love with a RI jacket since last year when I saw this striking pink number. If I am am still pondering this little jacket next week, I think I will buy it….

What do you think? To buy or not to buy?

Love Danielle& Natalie xx

Words by Danielle 

This is NOT a sponsored post. 


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