The New Normcore? | SS16 Fashion 

Words: Natalie Courtois

Anya Hindmarch references the High Street

Fashion has a new mood. As Michele Alessandro,  Gucci’s creative director explains in his interview in the SS16 issue of Porter Magazine…

 ‘In recent years fashion has taken itself as inspiration, and it has been stimulated only by itself.’ 

Referring to the knock on effect from Celine’s clean vision. He goes on…

‘We decided that fashion was something slick, perfect, symmetrical, but now people feel the need to express their individuality, and they don’t want to fit the mold anymore.’ 

Celines clean ideal has dominated

It’s true that fashion cycles change and after a good long run of minimalism it seems that’s Maximalism is on the rise at last, which is music to my ears having been since a child all about the more is more when it comes to my own sartorial choices. 

This new Normcore was felt within the Spring Summer ’16 collections. 

Christopher kane making the cable tie lust worthy

In London Christopher Kane was busy in London referencing car crashes, and adding his name to the mundane cable tie making it lust worthy to the fashion pack, (a snip at just £20 for 3! 

While Jeremy Scott’s vision for Moschino was that road works and work men were de rigueur. We all remember his playful McDonalds references prior to this. 

And let’s not forget Anya Hindmarch who has regularly referenced the everyday, with her own ode to roadworks one season and cereal handbags featuring Tony the Tiger the next and references to high street staples Boots and Mothercare. 


Moschino hard hats
Anya Hindmarch references Kit Kat
So when did the ‘everyday’ become so chic?! At what point did we decide that black veiling over yellow hard hats were where its at?! 
Fashion has always had its playful side and both Moschino and Christopher Kane are not afraid to take a chance on a statement.
However, as the daughter of a bricklayer with two brothers who followed suit I’ve certainly never thought of picking up the trail or spirt level as accessory to my outfit, but I am always drawn towards sartorial statement dressing and so these collections certainly got me thinking. 


For those of you who don’t fancy going the whole hard hat you can of course get a spritz of the trend with Moschinos ‘Fresh’ perfume, presented in window cleaner style bottle. 

Could this be the new Normcore?! Let us know in the comments below…..


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