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In preparation for our upcoming Style File next we thought we would introduce you to the lady behind the brand. We caught up with Deola Charles Founder of Ille De Cocos, a luxury cashmere brand fit for everyday wear – think soft luxurious basics, the kind that you want to wear every single day because they are just too damn lovely on – to find out more about the lady behind this budding new brand. Let’s see what she had to say below.

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LL: In three words describe your collection and what makes it unique? 

IDC; Luxury, Essentials with Personality

LL: Who is the IlleDeCocos woman?

IDC; Passion trumps fear for the Ille De Cocos woman. She is luminous and has a confidence that is understated. She lives her own way and knows her own mind.

LL: We all take our inspiration from something, what inspires you?

IDC; I am inspired by the brilliant, complex, alluring and imperfect women I have the pleasure of knowing and the many more I meet every day. I like to draw on characteristics for each collection…This seasons pieces are inspired by all that is playful, whimsical and chic, with light and gauzy textures and colours, as well as a fresh take on classic stripes. The coming Autumn Winter range is inspired by strength and endurance, brought to life with a collection of pieces inspired by the cape.  

LL: What helps keep you motivated as a designer?

IDC; Being my own boss comes with many challenges daily, pushing my creativity, resourcefulness and stress levels to new limits! The adrenaline keeps me energised and the sense of achievement that comes form overcoming those hurdles is immense and addictive.

LL: Even when we love our jobs there can be really hard days and struggles to overcome. What do you enjoy most about your job?

IDC; I always love seeing the designs come alive on a photoshoot. I am very involved in this process, from casting models to styling each look and co-ordinating the shoot schedule. I work with a very small, close-kint team so the chemistry and energy on set is intense and awesome.

LL: This would be a difficult one for us to narrow down, if you had to choose, who would be your favourite designer and why?

IDC; I would have to say Chloe for being feminine without restraint and for bringing drama and romance by the bucket-load. I can’t claim to have a wardrobe full of Chloe couture, but I have been known to splash out on a handbag here and a sandal there. I love teaming these pieces with one of my luxe sweaters for a look that is effortlessly chic.

cashmere jumpers on a hanging rail, summer light jumpers cashmere, lady loves fashion interview

LL: We all love a good moto / mantra to keep us motivated, do you have one? If so, what is it?

IDC; “The greatest success is being yourself”…Whilst have always known this, it hasn’t always felt comfortable or practical due to the pressures we all face to conform. In starting Ille De Coco, I have fully embraced what makes me individual and unique.

LL: We know it’s hard, but you must have a favourite piece from your collection? 

IDC; I’m obsessed with slogans at the moment, so it would have to be the “Qui Moi” Sweater. In a flattering neutral shade with bright lettering, it looks great over a pretty-collared blouse or accessorised with a printed silk scarf. You’ll catch me wearing it with a pair of denim boyfriend shorts if the sun stays out for long enough…

LL: With the power of visualisation and all, where would you like to see your brand in the next 3 years?

IDC: In the next 3 years I would love to open my first flagship boutique. In the immediate future I plan to expand the collection much further…This is already underway for Autumn Winter with some exciting new pieces launching in August.

LL: And lastly, if you could be anyone or anything for a day, who / what would you be?

IDC; A fly on the wall in the Oval office! I love White House dramas and like to unwind with a good old TV catch-up binge. Great female-leads dominate the popular shows – Olivia Pope (Scandal), Clare Underwood (House of Cards) and Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife) to name but a few! They are fearless and flawed and wear great cashmere!

 You can pop down to 3 Gardner Street in Brighton to view the collection from Ille De Cocos at the amazing Designer Led Pop Up Store (previously Edited), you could even be in with a chance of winning £50 towards the collection as well as snapping up sought after sample pieces. Why not also swing by Natalies store Courtois Concept which is also on Gardner Street.

We will be featuring Ille De Cocos in our Style File feature next week so keep your eyes peeled for that. Luxurious cashmere inspired styles to get you in the mood for summer. We can’t wait! 

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Words by Danielle Alexandria

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