Festival Blues – A Look Back At Latitude Festival The Best Bits | Lady Loves Online 

Ahh. The blues. They always hit after an amazing holiday, night out, trip, experience, festival. (Edit where necessary). In this particular case, it’s the BeckiTude Blues. 18 of us set off on Thursday to celebrate our best friends hen do aka #BeckiTude2016. With scorching sunshine, a gazebo (that died after the first day), plenty of booze and enough glitter to put tinker bell out of business. We were all set. 

I packed too much. School boy error. Turns out it was too hot for most of my outfits. Epic fail. Hence why the “what to pack” post never made it live. That would be because I packed everything but the bloody kitchen sink! I did however snap up a pair of pleather high tops from Primark for £3!! They saw me through the whole festival. Absolute bargains! FYI my advice after the festival is go with flowy dresses that you can wear leggings with and layer upon should it get cold. I would have left the shorts at home and stuck with dresses. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Since I’m deeply missing the freedom of the festival vibe, waking up in a field surrounded by a fabulous group of girls, drinking bloody Mary’s and dancing all afternoon in the sun, I wanted to share some of the best bits, ultimately so I can relive the experience.

Latitude is an amazing festival if your a bit older, it’s family friendly too which comes in handy if you have kids. We watched live jazz in the day, saw comedy acts and even took a yoga class as well as dancing the night away to brilliant music! The whole festival is so creatively done, with stages set up in the woods, secret places to visit, art installations – it really is like stepping into another world. Take me back!! 

Amazing times. And great place for a hen do! So much to see and do! We even managed to stay together most of the time and there was 18 of us! My throat is still recovering from the singing sessions in the Disco tent. Who can resist Whitney? 
Words by Danielle Alexandria 

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