When Shoes Get A Designer Feeling – Miista Shoes Vs Ports 1961 Bow Trainers | Lady Loves Fashion 

Those of you that follow us on Instagram would have seen me share a pair of Ports 1961 bow trainers in white a few months ago (Victoria Beckham has them and they are divine to say the very least). I was browsing websites, as you do and came across a brand called Miista Shoes. I decided to click on and have a perusal. Before my eye were rapidly drawn to a pair of shoes that looked remarkably like the Ports 1961 bow shoes …. Only a fraction of the price!!! Sounds all too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it kind of is. 

I got straight onto Twitter asking the brand whether they did them in white (which would have made my day and seen me buy five pairs so I would never be without). Sadly the told me they did not do them in white (I know, right?! Shocking) but that there would be a navy pair coming out in September to compliment the black. Which is fine, but it’s not as lush as white or a nude pink colour. Wouldn’t you agree? 

I am hoping and praying they opt for lighter shades to wear with jeans, the black are nice and no doubt the navy will be pretty cool too. But you cannot beat white or nude. Timeless one might say. Come on Miista!!! Make my shoe dreams come true and make them in light colours!! I’d buy them all!! 

What do you think of the Miista PRIYANKA Bow shoes? Love em? Hate em? 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 

This is NOT a sponsored post. 


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