October Letter from the Editors | Lady Loves Online

Welcome to our very first ‘Letter from the Editors’

As Lady Loves Fashion & Lady Loves Beauty have now reached their 5th Birthdays we wanted to give them a bit of a shake up. It has always been our agenda that LadyLoves would be more than a ‘blog’. We’ve always visualised it as an online destination, a space where we can together curate our personal loves of fashion, beauty, arts, culture and lifestyle.

As individuals we are so incredibly different but joined by a shared passion about all the above. We have also always both been crazy about magazines, collecting them, writing for them, and of course pouring over their pages endlessly and so it has always been our desire that LadyLoves would eventually take on this magazine format.

Today is our first steps towards that. From now on we will each month be giving you a curated monthly ‘Issue’. A theme in which we culminate all the things a Lady Loves while debating bigger issues such as health, mental wellbeing and what’s happening elsewhere in the world.

With the Autumn now in full swing, nights drawing in earlier, dark mornings, and with the pre-buzz of Christmas we decided we wanted to take a moment for ‘Hygge’. For those not in the know ‘Hygge’ is a danish idea, a way of life which ultimately means enjoying life, taking a step back and appreciating the moment while indulging. It’s being cosy on a Friday night with your girlfriends and some wine. It’s having a long relaxing bath on a Sunday and reading a magazine. It’s also so much more than just these things and we will take you on a personal journey this month for all things Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga).

And so, this month we will be focussing on this. Taking a moment for ourselves and encouraging you, our readers, to do the same. We have some fabulous interviews, recipes, books, fashion and beauty to share with you to help you also take a moment of Hygge. But because Hygge is such a personal thing, and because Lady Loves is based on more then just one story to tell, we will be also sharing what Hygge means to us as individuals and sharing our own personal stories.


We hope you will share yours with us too and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Natalie & Danielle xx


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