What Hygge means to Natalie

Following on from our posts on what Hygge means and is I wanted to share with you what it means to me because as we have established Hygge is a personal thing. 

As its about indulging, relaxing and taking time out from the stresses of everyday life and taking a moment instead to be a little, dare we say selfish! And why not! As a busy working mum of four children aged 4,5,9 & 12 who runs not 1 but several business side by side, taking time to ‘me’ isn’t exactly top of my list of things to do but, to be fair, time out alone for my kids isn’t something  they get to indulge in much either so my Hygge experience is going to focus not only around me but my family also. I’m not only introducing myself to Hygge but the whole family. 


So here’s my breakdown of I will be doing during my Hygge month.

•Long baths with lovely new products to try (doing what I do means I’ve rather a lovely stash awaiting review!) 

•Home spa-ing with my partner (he loves doing this!) 

•Baking cakes and cooking meals for my family and enjoying them together. 

•Evenings spent talking and playing games rather then watching the television. 

•Home improvements. Settling into new bedding, updating family pictures on display, creating cosy areas for the kids in their rooms. 

•Reading to the kids, making sure they get some good rest and good food also. 

•Reading. Magazines of which I have a huge backlog and books on the history and theory of fashion, something I haven’t been able to do since finishing my degree last year. 

•Indulging in life’s little luxuries, cashmere, scented candles, good chocolate and wine. 

•Time to myself to visit exhibitions. I was gutted to have missed so many over the summer as work schedules coupled with the children’s summer holidays just didn’t allow. 

•Taking time to see our friends, dinners together and put and about. 

I’ve just realised I’ve given myself yet another ‘to do list’ ! Lol but this is one list I certainly am not going to be pulling my hair out about. 

What does Hygge mean to you? Let us know in the comments box below……..



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