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As you know, this month has been dedicated to the Danish way of Hygge. Giving us all a chance to step back from doing to much and really relax and restore by bringing Hygge joy into our lives. I could not quite believe my eyes when I came across a monthly subscription box dedicated to, yes you’ve got it, Hygge. Such an amazing idea (since it is this years buzz word) and so easy for everyone to get on board with. 

By now we should all be familiar with subscription box services. There is a box for everything nowadays. This one though, will bring some Danish Hygge into your home, guaranteed. The lovely girls at HyggeBox sent us one to try and I must admit, after Hyggeing all this month I was really looking forward to a ready made box of Hygge. But what would be inside? How on earth would such a subscription hold my interest for 6 or even 12 months? 

Inside the box itself is not at all what I expected. On one hand I wasn’t sure what the box would entail, on the other I did have a rough understanding of Hygge to guess. Either way I was completely wrong. This is no slap dash box, there are no obvious components just thrown in their because they relate to the subject, oh no. This box has been so well thought out, it takes you on a little journey.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the October HyggeBox was a blue envelope with my name on it, handwritten. I love little touches like this. Inside the envelope was two things, a Danish words card (nicely laminated) and a two page introduction / contents list to explain what my box had inside. I really wanted to just tip the contents out and have a good old rummage around to see what was inside but I did manage to refrain myself and read the contents list first of all. 

You see the personal involvement with this box immediately as you start to read. The informal introduction, the guides explanations and general advice of how to achieve Hygge but oh so more than that. This is a movement. One in which the girls at HyggeBox want you to take with them. 

Each box will be appropriately themed, this month was all about nature and the change in seasons, this was my first clue as to what was inside the box. My mind is racing at this point with excitement. As I read on, I discover that not only has this box got some lovely treats to indulge in, it also has activities to encourage you to get out and about, something that I rarely want to do during cold dark winter nights. As I excitedly finish off reading what’s inside, I cannot wait to delve in and really explore the contents. 

hyggebox review october
Behold the contents, I bet that the above was not what you were expecting. However how intriguing are the contents? Hot Chocolate, Dried Mushrooms, Wooden Coasters, Solid Chocolate Hedgehog, Danish Word Card, Tea Kight & Wax Melt and Sun paper. It makes me want to know more, how are these items going to bring me more Hygge? Well let me tell you how I will be interpreting this months HyggeBox….

I very rarely indulge when it comes to chocolates and sweets. I am more of a cheese and bread kind of gal. This evening however, I will be mixing the hot chocolate powder with hot milk, sitting in front of the tv with my cashmere socks on and delving into that scrummy looking solid chocolate hedgehog!!!

As I am drinking my hot chocolate I will be reading about my new Danish words and trying to brush up on some linguistic skills. Wouldn’t it be great to learn a new language? Perhaps this is a way to ease me into the process! Coasters are something my house has no shortage of. Some may say it’s borderline obsessive. These rustic wooden coasters will look great alongside many a candle and of course to rest my hot chocolate on. 

The dried mushrooms, well the thing is about those, I don’t actually like mushroom. However – the smell of these is so inviting (not like a regularly mushroom smell at all) that I will be researching ways to incorporate dried mushrooms into a recipe for this week. I will keep you posted on what I come up with, who knows dried mushrooms might be my new favourite thing! 

You may be asking yourself, what the hell that blue piece of paper is, and the answer is quite simply sun paper. This is part of the get up and get out activity I mentioned earlier. It is really fun and simple to do, something even kids would enjoy. It’s a combination of finding objects you like, displaying them on the paper and leaving them outside in the sun. Once you bring it all back indoors and ‘develop’ the paper you are left with a beautiful artistic transfer all courtesy of the sun! I think I’ll get my nephew involved in this, he would love it! 

Candlelight is so relaxing and very Hygge that I am intrigued to try my first wax burner, apparently it’s a lot safer than using oils.  I am told however that they are very effective and transform your room with the most uplifting aroma. Another little task to try this evening. 

What do you think about the HyggeBox? Would it persuade you to add a little more Hygge into your life? Let us know in the comment box below.

Visit HyggeBox for more information on their boxes and subscriptions. 

This is NOT a sponsored post 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 


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