November’s Editors letter | Holidays are coming…… 

Welcome to our Second editors letter! 

We want to start by saying a massive THANK YOU for all for your lovely words of support and encouragement this past month as we announced our move to merge our sister blogs Lady Loves Fashion Lady Loves Beauty from blog to online magazine format. 

We are also delighted that our Hygge month was so well received by you and so, we will be continuing to enjoy all things Hygge during November. After all the Danes enjoy Hygge for 6 months of the year so why shouldn’t we also fly the flag and enjoy as much Hygge as we can? 

By now you would have spotted mince pies sitting alongside pumpkins in the shops which can mean only one thing….. Holidays are coming! Although technically we don’t count it as Christmas time until the Coca Cola lorry pops up on our screens and streets, as members of press we have been celebrating Christmas since July as this is when brands start to release their Christmas offerings so that we can prepare to share these with you. Plus we love the idea of getting your Christmas shopping out of the way leaving you free to enjoy Christmas with friends and family. 

We will be sharing our favourite press events with you before we start our Second edition of our Lady Loves Christmas guides. We’ve really been working hard on building these from last year to make sure they are even bigger and better and we’ve some amazing brands and products. We can’t wait to show you what’s made our lists! 

Finally, one thing that is making both our personal lists this year is the Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell. We had the honour of meeting and interviewing her last week and received a mini-facial by her with her range,a privilege  usually reserved for members of the Royal family and her A-list celebs. What this woman achieved in 30 minutes was quite simply breathtaking and its no surprise her hands are insured for a Whopping £15m!

Don’t forget to let us know what you are loving on our blog and Social media and happy shopping! 

Natalie & Danielle xx 


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