A Hygge Night In With Pantherella Socks | Lady Loves Fashion 

I don’t know about you, but have you noticed just how cold it has become in the last week? I was swanning around a week ago in mild temperatures feeling all smug then Wednesday hit and boy did the temperature drop. It got me thinking about wardrobe essentials, staying indoors and keeping nice and snugly warm. (Running alongside Hygge again..)

Despite any kind of weather, be that hot or cold, I have the chilliest feet and hands – poor circulation some may say. It occurred to me that I often (if not always) leave the house without a pair of gloves, and up until Wednesday last week – was wearing trainer socks and chinos!!! Isn’t it a wonder my poor hands and feet can’t seem to get a heat at this time of year. You can imagine my joy when Pantherella sent some us some winter socks! 

As we creep closer to Christmas we thought it was important to try and encourage more Hygge activities, keeping Christmas stress at bay and giving you ideas of things to do during the cold evenings. (red wine hot chocolate anyone?) This week has been devoted to colouring in (more to come on that later this week) and snuggling in front of the fire in cosy socks! And lots of blankets, I do love a blanket or four! 

I must admit, I have never worn a pair of cashmere socks before. Shocking I know, who knew there were better delights outside of a plain black ankle sock. When I received a set from Pantherella, I got a little bit excited as soon as I felt them. Softer than soft, like having clouds around your feet. Dreamy. And oh so comfortable. This may be the beginning of the end for me. How can one put on a regular cotton sock after feeling the wonders of cashmere between their toes? Exactly.

As well as cashmere socks, there was also a over the calf pair Scott Nichol – English Style socks. Really Chunky and warm, perfect for wearing with boots or even around the house for extra warmth. I tried these ones out the next night, they slip on so easily like a giant hug for your feet and legs – again sat in front of the fire with our colouring books (yes Mr LL has jumped on the colouring bandwagon too). This really is the way to spend cold winter evenings. Snuggled up in front of the fire with my love and colouring in. With seriously toasty toes! 

Pantherella have been around for donkeys ages. A prestigious heritage brand using only the finest most luxurious yarns. They have my interest immediately. I am currently thinking of chucking out every pair of sad old holey socks and replacing them with luxurious Pantherella ones. Something I shall be asking santa for this Christmas for sure. 

There is so much variety on their site, it would be a good option for (dare I say it) Christmas gifts. Simple stocking fillers or a touch of cashmere luxury, your recipient will love you for it! 

Shop Pantherella Socks 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 

This is NOT a Sponsored post. 

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