Hygge Night In – His & Hers Adult Colouring Books from Modern Toss & Matthew Williamson | Lady Loves Online 

Recently we have embarked on some changes, such as me selling the sofa and not having a replacement which has forced us into this hobo lifestyle of sitting on the floor adorned by cushions and throws. Personally, I quite like it. Mr LL however. Not so much. In fact he has regularly (on a daily basis) reminded me of ‘sofagate’. So this week, in particular we have both been colouring in, in front of the fire, on the floor surrounded by cushions. Our dinners of course either eaten off our lap or rested on the floor space between us for sharing. It’s intimate and romantic when the candles are all lit. Honest. 

I was really surprised that Mr LL would even be into colouring. It seems to have all come about after Modern Toss (the geniuses behind those funny tongue and cheek cards) released a colouring book. But before you think, aww how nice a colouring book. Wait till you see it. Mindless Violence by Modern Toss is by far the best colouring book for your man. It’s brilliant. Sheer brilliant. The whole colouring book has a theme of violence – but in a funny way. Think road rage anger, golf anger, had enough at work anger. Images of smashing up signs, kicking over bins, demolishing benches the whole book has a satirical funny side and boy has it taken the attention of Mr LL. sitting colouring away and laughing to himself. I must admit. Some of the pages are hilarious it’s hard not to laugh. I’m tempted to get one for myself! 

On the complete polar opposite side to mindless violence, I have had the luxury of colouring in the new Matthew Williamson colouring book. And boy is this a pretty colouring book. Huge for starters, with pages and pages full of inspiring designs. It is so pretty, I almost didn’t want to damage the pages with pencil. But on hearing this in my own head realise the ridiculousness of keeping a colouring book ‘good’ and ‘new’. It’s a colouring book for crying out loud. Colour it in! And so that is what I have been doing. Going to town on beautiful Matthew Williamson designs with dreamy colours to my hearts content. 

It’s as though sofagate has allowed us to – dare I say it – relax more at home. The informality of the overall look of the room currently makes it quite welcoming and calm. Who wouldn’t want to colour in surrounded by cushions and throws. And candles, we cannot forget the candles. Oh, and the hot chocolate – who am I kidding; wine

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Words by Danielle Alexandria 

This is NOT a sponsored post. 


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