Christmas begins with Pizza Express | Restaurant Review 

This week saw the introduction of the Pizza Express Christmas menu and we were invited along to experience this and share it with you. 

We arrived hungry, cold and, having not seen each other for a couple of weeks, well and truly ready for a good old face-to-face girly catch up! Despite the fact we spend hours a day on Whatapp to each other it will never replace precious time spent together in person. 

This year Pizza Express have opted out of a ‘set menu’ option allowing you to create your own Christmas menu with the addition of the Christmas Specials meaning you can mix and match from both menus, which is exactly what we did. 

We started with an ice-cold glass of the Chambord Prosecco Royal which was sweet and bubbly and just what the doctor ordered, along with some Roasted tomatos from the intro menus while we looked through the mouth watering menu. 

I (Natalie) decided to select my starter from the Christmas menu, Terrina Festa,
a terrine of salmon, crab and prawn, served with rocket, house dressing, a wedge of lemon, fresh parsley and flatbread, while Danielle stuck with an old favourite, Garlic bread with Cheese

Both were delicious and filling. The terrine was different to what I expected and I didn’t find much prawn but it was delicious nonetheless and I loved the fact it came with Pizza Express’ own bread sticks as a signature touch. 

For mains, the Christmas menu features three special pizzas with two of them featuring Cauliflower, which didn’t jump out to either of us despite the managers heavy recommendation that they were very tasty, so again we chose one from the Christmas menu, the Porchetta Natale Romana which features Pulled seasoned hog roast with a soft herb stuffing,pancetta, mozzarella, fresh rosemary, tomato, garlic oil and pine kernels, finished with fresh parsley. 

We also chose a Soho 65, again another old fav featuring mozzarella, black olives, rocket and shaved Parmesan and decided to share both. 

The Christmas pizza was really tasty, in fact surprisingly so to the point where we wondered if we should have also selected a cauliflower option?!  I (Danielle) am normally a strictly Margarita girl, but this really tickled my tastebuds. The combination of succulent hog roast, pancetta topped with cheese made this a mouthful you couldnt wait to devour! 

Natalie agreed and we both decided it reminded us of summer weddings and hog roast in buns but a far more delicious and sophisticated version! The soho 65 was unsurprisingly, perfection which is why 50 years later it’s still on the menu! 
One thing, the pizzas are HUGE! Now, to be clear, that’s not a complaint as these were happily devoured by our jealous fiancès once we returned home, but we had to stop eating as we wanted to fit in dessert which had by far got us most excited! 

So. Dessert! And on this, the year round menu didn’t get a look in as the Christmas menu options all sounded divine! As pudding is on the house when choosing a starter and main during the festive period this meant we just had to indulge! 
I (Natalie) opted for the Panettone Cheesecake.  Now, I have kind of become a bit obsessed with Panettone and each Christmas it seems to get worse and has become the highlight of the festive period for me! Also, I already LOVE Pizza Express cheesecake so this was a no brainier for me. This marmalade and chocolate chip version was quite simply out of this world! I couldn’t eat it all which was a blessing as I got to take it home and eat it the next day. I am seriously considering ordering a whole one of these for Christmas Day it’s that blooming tasty! 

While Natalie was busy scoffing her Panettone cheesecake, I (Danielle) opted for the Jaffa Profiteroles. Milk chocolate coated and filled with a chocolate cream & orange gel centre, served with vanilla gelato these were so good I could have dunked my face into a pile of them! 

Delicious does not cut the mustard. Heavenly, divine – sell your granny for them kind of amazing – perfect mouth full of orange chocolate, cream and choux pastry and so light! There was only four and when I started a wanted twelve but by the third I must admit I had to open my button my jeans and let it all hang out. 

Needless to say we both needed rolling out of the restaurant but we left with heavy tummys but happy hearts! 

In addition to the Christmas menu Pizza Express also have ‘Colour your own baubles’ to entertain little kids and a scannable app with prizes to be won for bigger kids.

Bon Natale! 
To view the full Pizza Express menu Click here


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