Editors Letter | December 

Welcome to December, what is of course, the most exciting and exhausting month of the year! 

Navigating the party season along with shopping for gifts for our loved ones, food, drink, sales shopping and of course deciding on those New Years resolutions for a promise of an even bigger and better next year. 

But what about also taking some time out for you? Taking some time to reflect on what you’ve achieved, to look back at the year just past and think about all the good times as well as the lessons learned. Taking time to be thankful for what we have. It’s been a tough year, it feels like we’ve lost our best (Bowie) and gained the worst (Brexit/Trump) but we’re certain if you take the time to reflect there’s been lots of amazing moments too.

And so, this is what we will be focussing Lady Loves on this month. We’ve already started our second edition of our Luxury gift guides which continue into December and we are over the moon with the range of products we’ve found to help solve all your gifting needs. Look out for the hashtag #ladylovesxmas16 on our social media if you are not a subscriber (SUBSCRIBE!) to be easily guided to these. 

We also some great have party-wear and make-up ideas as inspiration, as well as a wonderful food and drink guide to ensure your tastebuds get plenty of action too! 

Finally we will be reflecting back on the year. We’ve come a long way in 2016 and, being the impatient pair we are, often forget this, so we will be rounding up our year and sharing our own New Years resolutions with you. But these do not include ‘diets’ or other impossible or unachievable goals, we are not putting pressure on ourselves for the year ahead. Instead we will be looking at the ways in which we can make positive changes as part of a bigger plan. 

Because life’s to short as we have learned only too well this year.  

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and fabulous 2017! 

Natalie & Danielle xx


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