Adorable Tree Decorations from Source Spitafields| #ladylovesxmas16

Many of you will choose to put up your tree this weekend. It’s a family tradition in our house that the tree goes up on the first weekend of the December and we always make sure we buy a few special new decorations to join the ones we’ve collected over the years, the ones we pinched from our parents tree, the ones the kids have made. 

This year we have fallen madly in love with these adorable decorations from Source at Spitafields with cute and quirky designs, like Santa on a scooter with the presents balanced behind him. 

Source Have a great selection of unique and fun designs that feel really luxurious but don’t come with a hefty price tag with the most expensive being just £12.50 andncan be delivered to your door if you are not local to the store. 

Here’s our pick of our favourites: 

Santa on a scooter £12.50 

Sausage Dog Glass Bauble £8.95

Letter box Glass Bauble £5

Pug Glass Bauble £5

Wooden Sausage Dog with bell £3.50 each

Wooden Love/Joy/Noel crackers £3.00 each


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