DIY Christmas – Create Your Own Sweet Hamper | Lady Loves Online | #ladylovesxmas16

Hampers, as we mentioned earlier this week are a great personalised gift to give to a loved one at Christmas. Especially if that person is difficult to buy for. Now we all (or nearly al of us) love chocolate, and sweet things, which is where the inspiration came from to compile a sweet hamper perfect for your sweet toothed recipients. Simply pick their favourites bits and pieces and arrange them nicely in a hamper or basket and voila.

Carluccios Grappa & Chocolate Cups £16.95

Chocolate. Booze. And a after dinner drinking game. what’s not to love?!

Baru Dark Chocolate Marshmallows with Sea Salt Caramel centre £3.00

Ok, we have a confession to make. We may have eaten these delicious Marshmallows while  shooting our christmas gift guides. The were just too good to resist! High praise indeed!

Doisy & Dam Chocolate £3.50

Back for a second year in our Gift guides, Doisy & Dam have once again made our list as we love the vibrant packaging, and the organic chocolate with innovative flavours such as Goji Berries and Orange &  Maple, Toasted Rice and Pink Salt are just divine.

Ombar Raw Cacao Buttons & Bars from £3.00

We are all becoming more health conscious and so we love this range of Raw Cacao chocolate from OMBAR, including chocolate buttons to keep little ones happy too!

Kinnerton Just Chocolate £1.30

We featured the Mint chocolate in our Men’s gift guide and we can’t fault this fair free range of chocolates that taste delicious!

Gift Box Nauteas £19.95

This sweet selection of teas by Nauteas come in a fabulous box and includes flavours such as Cherry Loves Rose, Pina Colada on the Beach & Don’t make me cycle to India flavours that will leave the recipient excited.

Bahlsen Chocolate Biscuit Box £4.99

We love these delicious biscuits and their gorgeous marbled presentation box which can be enjoyed well after you’ve scoffed the contents!

Natalie & Danielle xx


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