On New Years Resolutions…..

Words: Natalie Courtois 
New Years Resolutions. Have you made yours yet? The all important list of how you will dramatically change your life/diet/career. The list goes on.
Now, in case you start to think I am anti-NYR I want to say clearly that I am a 100% total believer in both self-development AND list making. In fact I consider both as very important to me and I spend a great deal of time dedicated to both. 
However, my NYR have pretty much looked the same the past few years and yet I have still not managed to learn to drive, speak French, shift the last of the dreaded ‘baby-weight’ or become a glamazonion living in a mansion. 
The problem I have come to believe with NYR is simple. They are not much more then a list of stuff you dislike about yourself, which is first of all disheartening and secondly they are a ‘fairy god-mother’ type of letter, with no actual thought to how acheivable the goal is. 
To be blunt it’s unlikely I’ll magically wake up one morning speaking French in a ‘magazine perfect’ home with boobs two sizes bigger! More’s the pity. 
Therefore this year I have decided to address my NYR in a completely different way, so instead of making a list, I have dedicated the majority of my downtime during the Christmas break with phone off (to aid concentration!) and head down writing two business plans. The first is aimed at my personal life. The second a business plan for my career. Like any good business plan these are filled with not only goals I wish to achieve but notes on what might stop me, challenges I’ll face, and most importantly how I plan to achieve these and a realistic time frame. 
As such I feel focussed on the year ahead. I don’t feel bad about myself and the things I didn’t achieve from last years lists because I can see clearly now why these didn’t happen. (Poor time management and a re-occurring ‘head in the sand’ tendency for the most part)
 I’ve also taken some time to reflect on what I did achieve last year. My success as well as my failures. Taking time to reflect on these is paramount to the year ahead and has left me feeling positive about the past year and given me ideas towards possible routes to success for 2017. 
So what’s in my business plan? Well, that’s personal, and again I think could be a key to my (hopeful) success as by not putting the pressure on myself to ‘measure up’ to other people’s expectations and instead keeping it personal as to my own I will hopefully remain focussed and motivated and not end up with an ‘egg on my face’ situation later on. 
SO, Here’s to prosperous and emotionally rewarding 2017 to you all! 


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