Editors Letter – January – Welcome 2017 | Lady Loves Online

2017 has burst onto the scenes this year with an outstanding fireworks display from London. Did you see? By far one of the best displays I have seen in my adult life. Inspiring, with the tag line London is Open, it instilled a moment of pride and hope in all of us, a new year, a new outlook. 

As January looms, it’s back to work and normality for most of us, adhering to the daily grind but perhaps, a thought of reflection on the year gone by. The highs and lows, the triumphs and losses, the moments imprinted in our minds forever be them good or bad. Taking the time to reflect in January is something I look forward to. Almost like a mental stock take and evaluation of what has or has not been achieved. After all, it was the year I turned 30, saw my nieces and nephews grow into funny characters, celebrated 10 years with Mr LL as well as getting engaged. So all in all, a lot to be grateful for. This month we look at taking that moment of reflection and turning it into something positive. Forget the cliches of new year new you bollocks and look at the year ahead as an opportunity to take action. Realistic action.

We won’t be joining gyms anytime soon, or declaring a new found following for veganism – although I applaud those who do – I just can’t live my life without eggs, butter and cheese – but we will be bringing more of our personal passions to the forefront. Showcasing really what we are all about, what we are trained in. What we strive and yearn for, eat sleep and breath for. What marks our identity as unique.

A new year and a new start for all of us, make every moment count.

Words Danielle Alexandria



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