Editors letter | February = Passion & Fashion! 

Well done, you made it through January! At long last. It has been all but a dreary month, wouldn’t you agree? Time to relax into February. And don’t we just love February at Lady Loves, for two reasons. It is the month where we celebrate two things,

Passion & Fashion.
Passion in the form of love, as the Valentine’s Cherubs, Red Roses, hearts and soft toys pop up just about everywhere. However, we at Lady Loves want to celebrate love in all it’s forms, not just being in love but self love, both emotionally, in terms of inner happiness as well as outwards love, such as taking time to pamper yourself and NOT feeling guilty about it, moving forward our Hygge fascination from Autumn.

So for Valentines this year we will also be exploring some self love discovery and alternative ideas for Valentines, because love is more than just love hearts and roses! And since we are have over two decades between us with our partners, we feel somewhat experts on the subject!

Bella Freud Loving Candle ❤️

Secondly it is about Fashion! As February see’s the fashion month cycle begin (New York, London, Milan & Paris) showing the collections we will all be lusting after this coming Autumn/Winter. Meanwhile, the stores are clearing the sales rails for new spring/summer collections. Finally something to get excited about, all hail the new season, which, is getting us in the mood already for summer.

As such we will be dedicating February to both live coverage from London Fashion week AW17,  as well as taking a looking back at our favourite trends from the SS17 shows and Press days.

Love Natalie & Danielle xx


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