Valentines Day The Simple Way | Lady Loves Online 

It has come around to that time of year again, the shops go mad with love hearts and chocolates and it seems where ever you turn there is a banner screaming about declaring your undying love for your significant other. Pass the sick bucket.

Don’t get me wrong, I love romance and enjoy a good Valentine’s Day but for me, after ten strong years with Mr LL, I’m not all that fussed by balloons and fancy cards or dining out at the top restaurant. Or even presents. 

For me, it’s about being with the one you love – as cheesy as that sounds. Mr LL cooks for me, at home, every year on valentines (I cook the rest of the year, except on my birthday and our anniversary). This is a huge treat for me, getting to put my feet up and relax not having to cook for one evening.  We usually make our cards each year (if we remember) and keep presents (if any) to something small or funny.

Since he has spent the last month pinching my EVE LOM facecream, I thought, what better than some skincare / grooming products. If anything I hope it will keep him away from my beauty cabinet, but I do know he likes the Bulldog brand which, is relatively inexpensive and has really good results. He has been using the moisturiser for ages, it is a regular on our shopping list. As it turns out, Bulldog do a full range of skincare and grooming products to suit your man. Not just moisturisers! Whether he is clean shaven or sporting a hipster style beard, Bulldog have it covered and without breaking the bank.

For your clean shaven, baby faced beau I would opt for the ‘Treat Your Face’ Range. Complete with Moisturiser, Face Scrub & Shave gel. Three easy products they will happily use, free from any overpowering scents, this trio of products are proper manly. All of the which contain Aloe & Green Tea which are great for repairing and protecting the skin.

The ‘Tame Your Face’ Range will appeal to the beardy/ designer stubble types. A set complete with Moisturiser, Beard Shampoo & conditioner as well as their Beard Balm it is just about all your man needs to keep that facial mane of his tamed.

The beauty about Bulldog is that it is stocked in well known stores such as Boots and even Tesco so if you are leaving it a bit last minute you still have time to pick these up on your way home in time for the big day tomorrow. 

As long as I get to put my feet up tomorrow I will be one happy lady! What are your plans for valentines? 
This is NOT a sponsored post. 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 


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