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I can be a terrible daughter. Not literally but definitely in the gift giving on time department. I don’t mean to forget to send the card on time or pick and post the gift on time. (I live in Brighton and my family live in sunny Scotland). But sometimes, I can be months late! Shocking I know, in fact I think my Dad still has an iou birthday gift from November. (This was due to not finding the right gift – I blame the buyers for this one). 

The fact is, I get so wrapped up in my own head with these things. It becomes an almighty quest for ‘the perfect gift’, and we all know that perfect just sometimes doesn’t exist. (Not sometimes, it actually doesn’t exist.)  So you see my dilemma. I find brilliant little ideas but then deem them not to be good enough for the recipient and so the searching goes on and on and on. It’s a good job I enjoy a good internet present hunting browsing session. (I tell myself). 

I have found though, that sometimes the best gifts you can buy someone are the ones you love yourself. I use this as the basis with most of my gifts. Would I love it? And if I do, it then becomes a decision as to whether to actually Gift the item or just keep it and buy them something else. The struggle is so real folks. 

And so, Mothers Day is on Sunday and no doubt there are folks like me, relying on next day delivery to get their parcels delivered on time. Or flat out still not purchased anything yet, this ones for you. 

A parcel was received from Landon Tyler with 4 of their diffusers for me to try. You might remember them from our Christmas Gift Guide, a brilliant brand who produce such fragrant Candles and Reed Diffusers for the home. Luxurious scents that look and smell more like a NEOM but don’t have the same price tag. (One of the many reasons I regularly purchase them). 

The news was that they have launched in Boots. Oh, I thought. How very convenient. Especially for someone like me who is full of great ideas then realises that she hasn’t factored in the delivery time from ordering online and despite my best efforts, said present will be late again. There is a Boots (if not more than one) in most towns, and they do have a very quick and efficient collect in store service. So for last folk like me, it’s an absolute god send. A luxurious gift you can pick up en route, packaged beautifully and smells divine. Oh and it won’t break the bank. 

My favourite scents are more along the woody notes, I love Sandalwood and so the Golden Amber I was instantly drawn too. Couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and try it. The packaging is really lovely, minimal yet clean and sophisticated. Frosted glass bottle with silver cap. I must admit I did struggle getting the safety cap off, but at least you know it’s secure!! I tested this one first in my living room, after the first day as soon I went to climb the stairs I could smell the beautiful sandalwood and amber tones get stronger as I made my way up to the living room. A travelling scent, which is really nice to walk up to in the morning. 

The reason it looks half empty is because Mr LL informed me it somehow fell off the fireplace (didn’t smash right enough) because the ironing board fell and took with it my stream of Kasbah lights that drape the top of my fireplace. A believable story. But more importantly, my living room floor is so fragrant I barely need the reed diffuser in there at all. Now not only do I get a nice smell walking up the stairs, the whole house is perfumed thanks to this little mishap. It’s a good job I love the scent. 

Vintage Blooms, is a really lovely floral scent with notes of gardenia, rose, violet, heliotrope and amber. A real mumsy fragrance that makes your room smell as though it has fresh flowers in it. I mean who wouldn’t want this as a Mother’s Day gift? A floral smell that last up to 12 weeks and does not invole binning dead flowers. Winning all round. 

For those that prefer something a little fruitier, the Wild Berries Reed Diffuser has notes of cranberries, raspberries, wild roses, tea and sandalwood. Making it super sweet and fruity. 

Another favourite of mine is the Dark Cashmere Reed Diffuser, its more of a  masculine fragrance with notes of  vetiver, patchouli, cedar, clove & cinnamon. This pairs well with the Golden Amber, I have these between the living room and kitchen and the mix of scents is just gorgeous. It has a deep scent without being too overpowering. And really lingers in the air which is what you want. A fragrance that stays. 

The reed diffusers come in at a great price point which as mentioned earlier does not break the bank. At only £12 per Diffuser it really is a great bargain. And perfect to add to a Mother’s Day gift.

At the time of writing, Boots are running an offer with Landon Tyler. You can get buy one get one half price across the full Landon Tyler range. Which would mean you could get your mum a nice range and compliment the reed Diffuser with a three wick candle. All of a sudden being last minute has worked in my favour. And yours. 

Words: Danielle Alexandria 
This is NOT a sponsored post 


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