A Hygge Mother’s Day Inspired by Olverum | Lady Loves Online 

We are still banging on about Hygge at Lady Loves HQ, I don’t follow trends and forget about them when they become uncool. I tend to encorporate the things I love into my life, that stay with you forever. I haven’t got the time for chopping and changing to keep up with the latest fads. That doesn’t work with me. But when something resonates with you, you keep it up. I am constantly looking for ways to encorporate more Hygge into my life. Who wouldn’t want to live a calmer, more happier and fulfilled life. Enjoying the little things and being greatful for what we have.

It got me thinking about, what Hygge is and what it means and how funnily enough, I bet Mothers could do with some Hygge! When you think about their role, be in your own mum or one of your friends who have an army of little people, their lives are pretty hectic. Whether it’s little children or grand children, those little people are hard bloody work (or so I am told) – when does a mother get to relax? I mean really relax?  That even on Mother’s Day, I bet, they are still doing all that a mum does. Which is one of the many reasons we love them, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that there really are no days off.

Hygge is about being present, enjoying the small things in life, relaxing, indulging. Eating another slice of cake, having another glass of wine, being free from restrictions and diets and just being. I’m pretty sure mums would love all of the above. So this Mother’s Day why not organise a Hygge night in, for your mum!

The ingredients are really simple, you could start by organising a night in be that at home or an overnight away. Setting the theme with some nice music and softly lit candles (we reccommend Landon Tyler). With copious amounts of wine, or gin – whatever tipple takes your fancy. You can set the scene, make the table nice and decorated, maybe even plan some food like a nice charcuterie board or baked camembert. Simple, easy, indulgent food.

Spending time with those that you love is a huge part of Hygge, and a night in with mum so she can relax and switch off and dare I say it, have fun is the perfect recipe. After all, spending quality time with someone is priceless. It creates memories and those last forever.

Staying on the Hygge theme of relaxation, why not give the gift of Olverum. A fantastic bathing oil (allegedly used by the Royals) jam packed with botanicals and essential oils to soothe and restore the body. This is no ordinary bath oil. Oh no. Your body literally melts away. You can feel the stress and anxiety leave the body and because the oils are so fragrant you get a real sense of the essential oils working internally with every breath which adds to the melting of the mind. Relaxation on another level. A great gift that aides in good sleep that mum can enjoy after her relaxing Hygge night in. Because all mums should get a lie in the day after Mother’s Day, right?!

Available in 125ml £26 & 250ml £48 from Liberty & Harvey Nicols.

Words; Danielle Alexandria


This is NOT a sponsored post


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