Wyboston Hotel & Spa Review

Last month myself and Natalie were invited to the Wyboston Hotel & Spa, a beautiful little place based in Bedfordshire which has an AA 4-star hotel rating as well as an AA One Rosette rating for hotel food.

It really could not have come at a better time too. I was recovering from the holiday blues and also celebrating turning another year older. With being so busy a spa overnight was almost like winning a golden ticket in Willy Wonka. I could not wait to get there and get stuck in.  With it only being an hour or so outside of London, we decided to make the most of it and stay for an overnight,  and take the train so we could have a wee drink.

Traveling from Brighton was a lot easier than I thought. With Southern at the height of their strikes I had envisioned hearing those dreaded words every train taker hopes they never hear – rail replacement bus service – but we were lucky enough to get there unscathed and in one piece without too many disruptions to the journey. How is that for a first?! This just proves that when the trains are on time with no delays or disruptions, everyone arrives to their destination happy rather than stressed out.

As we peeled ourselves out of the train station we decided to get a taxi to the venue. As you come into Wyboston Lakes you are surrounded by beautiful greenery as you enter the grounds. Lots of opportunities for nice walks. A long weaving driveway that takes you through the grounds and passed other venue buildings (which would be perfect for a wedding) as we turned the last bend we saw the entrance and I really did get a tad excited. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and my inner voice screaming it was so happy to finally get some relaxation booked in without feeling guilty! I couldn’t wait to get in and get organised, get myself checked in and fully immerse myself in the next 24 hours filled with relaxation.

We discovered we had been booked in for the spa lunch, together with some treatments as well as full use of the spa. How delightful all of the above sounded! The afternoon was pretty much set; eat, drink and then lots and lots of pampering, followed by more eating and more drinking and ending it with a relaxing sleep.

As we headed to our room to get organised for our spa treats, I was pleasantly surprised to see how modern the rooms were. Wyboston have recently spent a fortune doing up their rooms and hotel and you really get a sense of this fresh new space the second you walk through the door. Double bed with leather headboard, modern fixtures and fittings with a minimal styled bathroom complete with Molton Brown goodies. The place looks fantastic, it really was a shame we were only here for one night. I began to think how settled I could become if I visited this place more often.

The rooms are finished to a very, very high standard as well as being very spacious, clean and fully equipped with all you can need for a short stay.  Including your very own mini coffee machine, perfect for the mornings when you just want to snuggle in bed for a bit longer, clutching your cuppa and watching morning TV.

We didn’t have much time to spend in our room before going for our spa lunch. It pretty much was a quick drop off of our bags, freshen up affair and head on down to eat.   As we arrived for lunch and saw the whole room was sat in their dressing gowns, and I mean, the whole room. Feeling a little like we didnt get the memo, (Natalie and I are still dolled in our fashion finest), we had only just arrived and dropped our bags so hadn’t fully settled into the swing of turning up to lunch in your dressing gown. It is safe to say we stuck out like a sore thumb, but I think the other people probably felt silly just like us because they were in dressing gowns and not clothes. Either way, we wanted to be them. There was something very liberating and free looking about eating lunch in your dressing gown and slippers in a fancy establishment. In the end, this didn’t bother us at all as we were sat down by a window seat overlooking the beautiful lake and scenery. With a fresh glass of bubbly on the table each, now I could really begin to relax.

Lunch was a buffet affair, I opted for chicken pie (very healthy for a spa day) which was positively divine and just the kind of comfort food required for a day of relaxation. Half way through eating I realised sitting in a baggy dressing gown would be far more comfortable than a pair of skin tight skinny jeans.  Being the biggest cheese lover, I could not resist a little bit of cheese from the cheese board.  Topped off with a glass of bubbly, this day was starting off pretty perfectly.

The Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes superceeded all of my expectations. There really is something for everyone and the layout and design worked really well, it takes you on a bit of a journey, from treatments to spa to ultimate relaxation.  I will go in depth about our spa day tomorrow, it was so unbeliveably relaxing it really deserves a post all to its own.

After our pampering and spa time we headed back to the room as we didn’t have much time to get changed and ready for our dinner. The pair of us rushing around the room trying to get showered and ready in forty minutes was quite the ambitious task. It wasn’t untill we were standing in front of the mirror doing our make up that we realised, we were twinning. Both of us, for the first time ever were standing in jeans and white top with heels. We blogged together for over two years as polar opposite styles and here now, we both were donning the minimal trend.  As we laughed out loud at our unplanned matching skills we decided we better head off and have dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant rather than standing taking selfies in the mirror.

I was quite overwhelmed by how tasty the menu sounded at the Waterfront Restaurant, with so much to choose from it made me – miss indecisive – take a while to decide what to eat.  We had a really nice cosy secluded table which meant for the perfect excuse to gab away and catch up. After umming and ahhing for a good ten minutes on what I should order from the menu, I decided on the Crab & Crayfish salad for starter.

A delicate selection of crab and crayfish on a tasteful butternut squash paste, topped with salad and crisp bread.  The seasoning on the fish was perfect, and half way through I had to stop myself because I felt like I was consuming the dish almost in one quick swoop. I had to savour the flavours, I really didnt want it to end. A light, fresh starter with delighful tastes on the palette.

You can probably tell by my food choices already, I like my chicken and I love my carbs. Spa day or not, I always opt for carb on carb.  As I sat with Natalie sipping our Shiraz red wine, we discussed how tasty our starters were, and in actual fact could have eaten them as a full main portion they were so delicious.  For mains, I opted for the chicken breast & dauphinoise potatoes that were melt in your mouth amazing. The portion sizes were just perfect, and I actually struggled to finish my main – I almost became too full to finish let alone get up from the table and make my way back to the room.

After our meal, it was great to just sit by our window seat, finish off our bottle of Shiraz and catch up. It had been weeks if not a month since myself and Natalie had had the priveledge of just sitting and chatting about old times, events we had been to, sharing funny stories and reminiscing about old times and just generally being able to chat without phones going off or kids to attend to. It was such a nice welcomed break which we both realised we really really needed.

We both hadnt realised that we felt a bit tipsy which became appparent as we tottered back to the hotel room, peeled of our clothing and got into bed with our comfy jammies. I was particularly looking forward to sleeping because Natalie bought me a COS Cashmere eye mask for my birthday which was being used for the first time at Wyboston. The perfect end to the perfect day, closing my eyes in cashmere.

Thank you to Wyboston Lakes Hotel & Spa for inviting us to review.


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