EVE LOM Kiss Mix – Three New Shades To Get Excited About 

My go to lip balm, the minty fresh kiss mix by EVE LOM have released three lovely tinted lip balm shades to their collection.

As someone who receives the original every year as a gift (especially at Christmas with their delightful packaging) you can imagine I am quite excited to try them out. All of them, because they just all look so good.

Three scrummy looking lip shades to soothe the lips whilst adding a pop of colour. I say that, I assume the colour is pop worthy. Having not tried them myself, it is hard to say about the intensity of the colour on the lips. I’ll need to report back on that one. Available in Cheeky Intense Berry, Lippy – the Universal Nude and Demure – Subtle Pink. They all sound amazingly flattering for all skin/ lip tones.

Nevertheless this discovery has come at a pretty good time with the Space NK incentive underway. I’m trying hard to justify the £150 spend to qualify, it’s not that of an outrageous treat – is it?

Perhaps the launch of these tinted lip balms, is a taster into more colourful lip products from EVE LOM, dare I say lipstick? Here’s hoping.


Eve Lom Tinted Kiss Mix

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