Summer Beauty Sale Edit – EVE LOM

O EM GEE it’s up to 50% off at EVE LOM and I can honestly say, do not look if you have no willpower. Another price slashing, crazy sale which makes stocking up your beauty cabinet so unbelievably justifiable. I have been an avid EVE LOM follower for years, it all started about 8 years ago when I received their KISS MIX lip balm as a gift, the rest was pretty much history. So many of their products are now cult favourites in my beauty cabinet, in particular their TLC Cream & Morning Time Cleanser. They are not just game changers in skin care, but also in the makeup department.

If you like the no make up make look then EVE LOM will be right up your street. They tend to pack their makeup full of skincare goodness that it’s actually more tinted skincare than makeup.

See my favourites from the sale below;

EVE LOM Daily Collections Set £30

This little set is the perfect introduction to the brand, complete with all of my favourite products. You have the luxurious cleanser and muslin cloth – I can vouch that your skin is left feeling softer than silk after using this treatment. The morning cleanser is also included which is less faff and a little more slap and go but still achieving that silky soft skin effect. The Kiss Mix, which is where it all began for me, a truly moisturising lip balm with a slight luminescence to it, and finally the Rescue Mask which does exactly what it says on the tin. Four cult products at a ridiculously low price!

EVE LOM Flawless Radiance Primer £12

Ahh the primer! This has been my go-to primer for the last year. It was so good that when Space NK last had a sale I stocked up on a few bottles so I would never be without. (Clever!) It is very lightweight and subtle on the radiance front so it adds a nice glow effect without looking greasy or oily. I find it achieves the perfect base for makeup to be applied, it really fills in and leaves an even base. I found on really hot days, this primer looked good on its own with a little concealer. Lovely dewy finish.

EVE LOM Radiance Lift Foundation £12

Their foundation is one I have not yet tried, can you believe. But it is one that has been on my radar for a while. I had always just bought another foundation and couldn’t justify having two expensive ones at the same time. There is so many shades to choose from and because it’s EVE LOM this foundation will be packed with so many skincare goodies it will be a real treat for the skin. At this price it really would be rude not to try it out, right?

EVE LOM Cover Concealer SPF15 £7

Another wishlist item I had not got round to trying but now have the perfect excuse. Just look at the price! This concealer aims to brighten the skin whilst hydrating and concealing imperfections. I don’t know any top shelf skincare or makeup you can buy at £7. I’ll be ordering one on a whim to see what it’s like.

EVE LOM Illuminating Radiance Powder £12

The radiance powder is not my normal choice, I don’t tend to use too many highlighting products, more so because I’m using a radiance primer – you really do not want to over do it and end up looking super shiny. This Illuminating Radiance Powder aims to diffuse the light and add softness to the skin. I like this idea of blurring the lines, quite literally on my face. Adding them all to basket.

Have you tried EVE LOM? Let me know what you think of the products in the comments box below.









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