4 Hair Products That Will Transform The Condition Of Your Hair 

Hair care. Something I must admit I used to be a bit rubbish with if I am honest. I was more of a ‘buy what’s on offer’ kind of gal and use it than anything else. In case you hadn’t noticed, I am not a natural blonde, obviously, and my natural hair is very very dark – so for me to achieve the ‘blonde look’ I currently have, it takes a lot of work.

Last year, as much as I hate to admit it, I was abusing the blonde and purple shampoo products. Since I had not seen my hairdresser Kirsty for a few months, I decided to get her over to do my hair and ‘refresh’ my blonde highlights – my hair and colour had become really dull looking. Like most girls, I get really excited about having my hair done. It makes me feel so much more confident when my tresses are on point and looking fabulous. When Kirsty arrived,  we sat in my kitchen; me on the chair while Kirsty took a look at my hair. She suddenly asks, “what have you been doing to your hair?”. Slightly perplexed I asked her what she meant, and what she said next I will never forget.

“Your hair is in really bad condition” Kirsty declares. “It’s really dry and the blonde, have you been using toners?” As I sheepishly admit I’d found many a purple shampoo and brighter blonde product lurking in my shower and had been using them to “lift” my dull blonde. She pretty much gave me a slap on the wrist for not taking care of my blonde. I had dried my hair out, left it in really bad condition and not to mention had managed to dull my highlights with the overuse of purple shampoo. She explained to me that I have so many different tiny, tiny highlights, in varying shades of blonde throughout my hair – that we have worked at over time. So when I have used the purple shampoo – it has almost dulled everything to a similar tone. Still blonde, but not luscious locks. She then declared that she would not be touching my hair with any highlights until it was in better condition. I was devestated. I had no idea that just washing my hair was not enough to keep the condition of my very highlighted hair in pristine condition. And now to be without fresh lovely hightlights, I truly had, sad face.

Solutions. Kirsty started with a bleach bath for my hair which ultimately helps to strip out any of the toners from the hair and revitalise it. It also freshens your hightlights. As well as using an Olaplex conditioning treatment to infuse the hair with nutrients. I’m still sat on the chair with a sad face at this point because my hair is not being highlighted. Although the fact my hair has been stripped and looks better is a slight consolation. Once the bleach bath is washed out and the Olaplex treatment applied we sit chatting in the kitchen about what I can do to repair my damaged hair. I’m getting married in 2018 after all.

Four products that transform the condition of your hair
For shampoo and conditioner Kirsty advised I look at a brand called Living Proof, who happen to be endorsed by Jennifer Anniston (who has  been my hair idol and inspiration for decades). The formulations within the shampoo and conditioner in particular the Restore range, help to rebuild the hair and ‘restore‘ its health by feeding it lots of goodness with every wash. I had used the shampoo and conditioner before but had not rebought because of the £30 each price tag – I wasn’t exactly flush at that point. That was of course, before my amazing hairdresser declared my hair basically as being a step away from dead.
I went straight onto Space NK and purchased the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, express delivery. This was the moment my hair was about to change forever.

Living proof Restore Shampoo to repair damaged coloured hair
Step One – Living Proof Restore Shampoo 

I began using the Restore Shampoo and conditioner religiously. Throughout that time, I did start to notice my hair felt stronger and more nourished. And less knotted. My poker straight hair would normally go almost perm like after washing and take over 30 minutes to gently tease and comb out before drying could happen. But not with this combo, when both the shampoo and conditioner ran out, it was a no brainer to restock.

Overnight cap healthy hair perfect or living proof space nk
Step 2 –  Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector

This is where I made the second change. Space NK had an online incentive (spend £150 online and get a goody bag worth over £300) that I had to take advantage of. I noticed Living Proof had a new product out, the Night Cap Overnight Perfector which you apply to either dry hair at night or damp hair and blow dry. It acts as a mask that repairs the hair and soothes the scalp and lasts for up to 5 washes. Instantly adding this to basket, I decided not to get the Living Proof conditioner and opt for this in its place instead. So my new hair care duo would be the Restore Shampoo and Overnight Skin Cap Perfector.

Christophe Robin prickly pear Seed Oil regenerative mask for hair

Step 3 – Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Seed Oil Mask

When the order finally arrived and I got to delve into my purchases, I was of course very interested to see what the incentive beauty bag entailed. Lots of amazing products to try but one that caught my eye instantly by Christophe Robin. The Prickly Pear Seed Oil Mask is an interesting product. I say interesting because I haven’t managed to get it to lather (as the instructions imply) but I have had unbelievable results from using it and washing it out after a period of time. This product would now become part of my hair routine alongside the Living Proof duo.

Four steps to healthy hair
Fast forward 6 months, I’m having Kirsty round again to do my hair. As I sit on the chair in my kitchen she gasps and congratulates me on how good my hair looks. So good in fact she said “it’s the best condition I have ever seen your hair in”. And she was right. I could feel how healthy it was. It washed differently, dried differently even handled differently. Very strong, and the biggest thing for me was how straight my hair was after washing. Next to no knots and no perm look either. Which makes drying my very, very long blonde hair a tad easier if you cut out the combing time. My hair was also a lot more bouncy, lifted at the roots. I felt amazing.

Four products to guarantee your healthy hair
When I told her what products I had been using religiously she was really happy. They were all doing their job and it had worked. It had transformed my hair from dry, dull and dead looking to luscious, bouncy, healthy and shiny and I still keep up this routine to this day. While everyone’s hair is different, these three products transformed my hair and I have never looked back. The results alone justify the price tag.

Christophe Robin cleansing mask with lemon

Step 4 – Since having such great results from the Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Seed Oil mask I was really excited to add their *Cleansing Mask with Lemon to my routine. It’s main aim is to fix your hair color, add gloss, and restore what the hair lost during the dyeing process, it also nourishes and cleanses the scalp. I had so many compliments on how blonde my hair looked after one use that I am really excited to test this product in more depth, stay tuned for the review.

So there you have it, my four step process to achieving the healthiest hair you have ever seen. As tried and tested by me! When something works this good, why use anything else?

What are your favourite hair saviour products? Tell me in the comments box below.



Restore Shampoo | Overnight Nightcap Overnight Perfector | Prickly Pear Seed Oil Mask | Cleansing Mask with Lemon

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