It’s All About BIG Sleeves & Statement Sweatshirts

Creating a sense of style, unique to your sense of self, can be a tricky prospect. Some people just know what looks good on them, they know what they like, they have found their inner style. With this, comes confidence in knowing what to wear and knowing what looks good on you.

I have been reflecting a lot recently, and it has got me thinking that perhaps, iv been to safe with my sense of style. I find the clothing choices I make may be related to my low self esteem and confidence, steering away from ‘noticeable’ garments which makes me navigate towards the oversized items and neutral palettes. This stems from feelings of not wanting to be noticed, just blend on in to the background. I realise how terribly sad that sounds, which is why recently, I have made it my mission to over come my feelings of low self esteem and challenge my fears. Even tackling my inner minimal to see if there is more to being me than just neutral.

While I love many a shade of grey, and white will always be my number one favourite shade, it did make me think, am I missing out by being so controlled over what I wear? Or what I’m willing to allow myself to wear?! Surely fashion shouldn’t be this restricting. Why do I care so much about what people might say about what I wear? Or how I look for that matter?

It has occurred to me – more so in recent years, that I don’t get that excited about fashion. Affordable fashion I should say. The style revelations are rehashed, if anything else. Less individualism and more safe trends. It seems like something’s missing, some fresh new ideas.

Although there are some retailers, such as ZARA that tend to break the mould. Their styles air on the high fashion, edgy scale but still adaptable for us to incorporate into our own unique styles.

Something I noticed quite predominantly on ZARA was the fuller sleeve. So many design details from puff to flare. Puffed up sleeves are nothing new. Let’s be honest, they have been around a while. But Zara do things differently. They take an everyday item and give it some pizazz. Making effortless easy dressing a little bit more special.

ZARA’s latest drop features Fringing and fur, and big big sleeves. Taking boring sweatshirts and packing them wth a punch. Throwing one on never looked so good and I think this is what has drawn me into this overall style. The ease of it all. As we patiently waited for summer (which inevitable didn’t really arrive) I find myself longing for Autumn. After all, colder weather seems to be all about layering – and what better way to layer than with textures.

The four sweatshirts chosen, will transform the simplest of t-shirt and jeans combo. Or even dresses and midi skirts. Throwing one of these on will instantly add some edge and transform an otherwise everyday boring outfit. It is key pieces like these that transform looks. A bit like the embroidered jumpers of last season. They are pretty timeless. Keepers if you will, that have the ability to transform the simplest of outfits. In other words. Items like these are worth stocking up on. Could you see yourself in any of the styles below?

The third style is my personal favourite, I don’t think I’ll make it to the end of the day without buying that beauty. I think it will go wonderfully with the boots I shared on Instagram this morning.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments box below.


Sweatshirt with contrast in sleeves blue £25.99

Sweatshirt with contrast sleeves cream £25.99

Cream sweatshirt with black detail £25.99

Sweatshirt with contrasting sleeves £49.99

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  1. I need to shop in Zara more!! I’m loving the big sleeves actually! I Just wish summer wasn’t over but I best get used to autumn fashion now x

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