Institut Esthederm Adaptasun – The Answer To Tanning For Pale People

As the weekend approaches, it is the weekend for jetting off your summer holidays. Sadly iv already had mine, but it does mean that I can tell you all about the Adaptasun by Institut Esthederm.

I’m Scottish, therefore my skin is very, very pale and I’m covered in freckles. Literally covered from head to foot. I am very prone to burning. Badly. I distinctly remember skiving off school one sunny day in my teens. I was wearing a denim skirt with a racer back vest and some dodgy fake ugg boots. Classy. I discovered later that evening after sitting in the cloudy sun that my skin has practically raised up a few millimetres and began to crack. With a colour that looked so deep red it was almost purple. The remaining days were spent painstakingly having aloe vera and thick moisturising cream applied on my shoulders and backs of my legs to help heal. It truly was dreadful. From then on, I resorted to factor 30 & 50 and try not to sit in the high sun. Which is a shame really, as I do love to lie and sunbathe.

When I received the Adaptasun by Institut Esthederm I was surprised to see it did not have an spf rating. None what so ever. This puzzled me greatly as I wondered, whether I was about to apply some sort of tan enhancer and end up looking as red as Britney’s catsuit for oops I did it again.

After doing a little research, it turns out Institut Esthederm don’t really use an SPF system. Which really makes them stand out from the crowd. They say that it doesn’t give the correct indicators for protection needed on the skin. And that it’s really only a sunburn indicator. Whereas their patented technology ‘Global Cellular Protection‘ protects the skin as well as strengthening its ability to protect itself. Their products are based on the strength of the sun rather than an individual SPF, which is why I could not find an SPF rating for the life of me, on their bottle.

The Global Cellular Protection range sounds like it packs a punch. It helps the skin to work with the sun all whilst staying protected at the same time. From oxidative stress which is responsible for wrinkles, to shielding the skin against pigmentation and preventing sunburn as well as DNA damage. It’s sounds like clever stuff and perhaps the first product to make me tan, naturally.

Finding the right protection for your skin is really important. Especially if your prone to burning, like me. Interestingly Institut Esthederm was created by a man who was allergic to the sun as a child. He wanted to adapt the way the skin interacted and responded to the sun. All whilst improving our skins ability to tan.

The prospect of actually tanning was very intriguing to me and so I tried it it immediately in a hot sunny day, high 20’s in Brighton. I covered myself in Adaptasun from head to foot, about 20 minutes before leaving the house. The product smells so nice and absorbs into the skin really easily, without leaving a greasy residue. After about three hours of sun exposure, normally this would make me a lobster. I discovered not a single burn mark on my body, despite wearing a backless dress. What I did notice, was how many freckles had appeared. It was insane. This was the kind of freckle attack I would get after a few days in the sun on holiday, not three hours exposure in the UK sun. I was very impressed. Part of me still didn’t believe the whole no spf / adaptasun theory and half expected to turn bright red later that evening, but I didn’t. I stayed freckly.

I noticed the more I used the product the easier my skin adjusted to sitting in the sun. I’m normally in and out of it like a yoyo but the Adaptasun meant I could stay out sunbathing without worrying about burning. It’s still a concept I’m trying to process as it defies everything my Scottish skin knows to be true about tanning. But it does work.

I decided to see how the product compares on someone who tans easily. Would it have the same results? Or possibly, even better? My sister in law (to be) was on hand to test during her holiday in Lanzarote. Here’s what she had to say below;

The cream felt really smooth and non greasy on application. Applied as directed on holiday, I found that I did not burn at all, even in mid-high 20s. My tan developed a bit faster than it might normally, but the thing I really noticed was that it lasted longer. I still have white bits despite the rubbish weather recently. A BIG thumbs up to anything that helps me tan and protects my skin at the same time. Great product.

It’s kind of exciting to think there are products out there that really can make a difference to how you tan in a safe and effective way. I had resorted myself to factor 50 and the shade for the rest of my days but discovering Institut Esthederm has given me a new found appreciation for tanning. I can’t wait to go on my next holiday and use solely Institut Esthederm. I think my family would keel over if I came back with a natural tan.

The range is specifically developed to adapt to your skin based on the severity of the sun. Have a browse through their website and read some of the information. It’s extremely informative and very interesting. It’s making me want to book a holiday.

You can buy Institut Esthederm Adaptasun at Space NK – rack up some nDulge points while your at it.

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10 thoughts on “Institut Esthederm Adaptasun – The Answer To Tanning For Pale People

  1. Ooh this sounds so good! I burn easily too in some places, mainly the arms and face and my feet always tan which is weird x

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