Beauty Spotlight: Micellar Shower Gel by Institut Esthederm

If you had said to me a year ago, that there was a specific product on sale to remove suntan lotion, other than regular soap. I think I would probably have laughed, called it a fad, and moved on. That was of course, until I was sent such a product from the lovely people at Institut Esthederm.

When I received the Micellar After Sun Shower Gel by Institute Esthedermalong with their Adaptasun Cream, I did notice the sizes would only be suitable if you had hold luggage. Which, let’s be honest, if your going ‘on holiday’ chances are your packing a multitude of outfit options and shoes and so a big suitcase is pretty much a given.

It turns out this micellar shower gel packs quite the punch. Not only does it perfectly and easily remove all traces of sunscreen, salt and chlorine. But it doubles as an aftersun, ensuring the skin is left feeling soft as well as helping to prolong your tan for longer.

The micellar trend has been creeping into the industry for ages. From the classic micellar water to remove your make up, to making its way into our body washes. So what exactly is micellar? Well, it works on the premise that the micellar molecules club together in clusters to easily lift dirt, sunscreens and any silicones that they may contain. Micellar molecules aim to draw out impurities whilst preventing the skin from drying out. It’s a very soft and gentle way of cleansing the skin. Especially if your skin is a bit sensitive after being in the sun all day.

I must admit, the second you squeeze some of this product out of the bottle it feels very soft and silky. It glides effortlessly onto the skin and not much rubbing is required for it to get to work. The smell is really nice, I find the signature Institut Esthederm scent found in all of their products really luxurious to wear. It’s fresh and summery and leaves you feeling super clean.

So how did it work against getting all the factor 50 off? Rather brilliantly. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever paid that much attention to results before, when using a regular shower gel. But you notice a difference after using the Micellar Shower Gel, you feel cleaner and there is no trace or residue of other products left on the skin. You can really feel how clean your skin is just by looking at it. And the softness, you just want to give yourself a cuddle your skin feels so soft.

I even used the Micellar Shower Gel on my hair around day 4. I had hugely under estimated how much shampoo I would need and after running low and the rest of the villa pretty much in the same boat. I opted for the Shower Gel. It worked brilliantly at getting the salt, chlorine and sunscreen out from my hair. It also looked more blonde once it was dried. A great little bonus.

I am very impressed, and would definitely look at purchasing this for my next holiday. It’s 200ml and a little goes a long way.

Would you buy a sunscreen removing specific Shower Gel for your next holiday? Tell me in the comment box below, I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts.

You can purchase the *Micellar Shower Gel by Institut Esthederm at Space NK.

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