Hygge. Is Anyone Even Still Bothered? Here’s Why We Should Be.

Last year I touched on the subject of Hygge, the danish way of getting cosy and enjoying the little things in life adorned by candles. I also talked about what Hygge means, and how to encorporate more of the ‘Hygge way‘ into your life. From cooking with friends, to relaxing at home with a glass of wine surrounded by candle light. 
After last year, this notion of Hygge, I really had thought would take off. And it did, for a bit. But it seems, even I, have slipped back into my old ways – without really even noticing it. 

It’s not that I don’t want to set aside time for me to relax and restore my wellbeing. As I am sure many who feel the same, will sympathise. It’s the fact I feel guilty, begrudged, and unable to justify doing just that. Which in hindsight is a ridiculous albeit very true statement to make. 

Everything in my being tells me to do more. So much so, that’s it’s almost crippling to the point of doing nothing at all. I sometimes have so many things to do, that my brain almost explodes trying to process it all at once. I get flustered, and do nothing. When all it really takes, is a step by step plan. 

How productive does this make us, really? Nine months into the year, barely getting by on the brink of an emotional burn out. All because we refuse to stop?!

And so, Hygge. I had to write about it again, I don’t quite feel like I got through the last time. But also, I let it slip, and it was me banging on about it.  

Something happened this week that sparked something inside of me. It was on Instagram, I shared a post taking about the need for more Hygge and relaxation in our lives. I received a lovely comment, from a fellow blogger who mentioned her partner and his family are danish, and that they almost find this new found British fascination with Hygge, rather funny. I responded immediately, to find out more and what it was that was so amusing. The response is somewhat more sad than funny. And it really struck a cord with me.

The comment that came next explained that the Danes do not think of Hygge as a separate entity. It’s part of them, it’s part of what they do and how they live. They don’t need to ‘set aside’ time for Hygge. It’s engrained in their make up. It’s part of their way of life. In other words. The Danes look after their mental well being and self worth with the same priority as eating, sleeping and quite possibly, even breathing. 

How sad does that make you feel? From a British perspective, where we begrudge taking any time off or feel guilty for having me time, anytime. All the while, our jolly friends across the pond do  this as second nature. How bizarre. 

I strongly believe we need to do more in this country to break away from this stiff upper lip attitude. We are all human, and I am the first to admit that I, cannot function my day to day life without relaxation and little pleasures, and I do too, get overwhelmed with work and become emotionally burnt out. Usually after Iv worked myself into a sickness and require multiple weeks of bed rest, to clear the multitude of illnesses Iv brought upon myself. 

Read that back, go on. How sad is that paragraph. What is wrong with our wiring? And why do we feel, we cannot stop and enjoy. 

So yes, I am banging on about Hygge again, and I hope, those readings this, really reflect on what it means for you. Be excited about this prospect. When was the last time you took time for yourself, just because. Or had all your girlfriends round mid week for a craft night and catch up over wine? Or something as simple as a relaxing bath to yourself with a magazine. They do not need to be grand gestures. More moments of prolonged indulgement. These are the luxuries and pleasures in life we are missing out on. All because our heritage is more get up and get on, than sit back and take care. 

So for the next two months, I invite you on this journey with me. Learn to, not only love yourself more. But enjoy prioritising Hygge time for yourself. It’s about breaking bad habits and being more happy and content. Are you with me? 

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20 thoughts on “Hygge. Is Anyone Even Still Bothered? Here’s Why We Should Be.

  1. I too found it wuite strange that people saw hygge as an entitiy on its own and i’m bot even Danish! I thought surely this is a cultural way of life. And in a way there are certain things I do anyway and I havent even read up on Hygge. Anyway i’m definitely with you on being more content xx

    Amina xx

  2. When I become pregnant five and a half years ago now I naturally incorporated Hygee into my life. I didn’t know it was hygee at the time. I have read the little book of Hygee and enjoyed it, but found I done the majority anyway. It is crucial for my mental health to do these things, and as you said don’t class them as a separate entity. X

  3. I have a work colleague who is Danish and she finds our fascination with Hygge hilarious because as you say it isn’t a separate entity for her, it is part of who is she. If she feels overwhelmed, she takes a break to gather herself and then continues what she was doing x

  4. I loved this post! I often forget that hygge doesn’t need to be this separate ‘event’ that I need to book time for. This post highlighted for me that since becoming a mum, I’ve really neglected taking care of my own needs and MH.

  5. I feel like the only one that doesn’t take hygge into consideration really. I’m sure it’s something I should try out x

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