Olverum – The Multi Tasking Must Have Oil

Olverum, is pretty much a staple in my beauty cabinet here at LLHQ. I was converted a few years ago, after coming down with the mother of all flu’s. It was bad, I was in bed wth a fever for ten days and to be honest, realised that every single cold I had had previously and claimed I was dying of flu, was nothing more than an overexaggeration. You know when it’s flu. 

When I managed to peel myself from my sick bed and into the shower, poor Mr LL keeping close by outside, incase I keeled over. My only saving grace that day, and the one thing that remains firm in my memory. Is the smell of the Olverum Oil. The first thing I had been able to smell in days. This stuff is magic.

It is my ultimate go to, if I’m ill, need a good nights sleep, or just want to feel lovely and smell of the most potent botanical essential oils. Olverum really is a treat. 
And truly, it’s something I cannot be without, infact, I take it with me everywhere. They have a set of travel sized bottles, which make keeping one with you at all times, simply easy. I just refil my small bottle whenever I’m going away. It’s the perfect touch of luxury and handy to have with you. 

All you have to do, is drop a wee bit in the bath and let your senses melt away. It’s also renowned for giving you the best nights sleep. I have also heard, it works wonders on kids as well, they will be off to sleep in no time. 

Olverum is like a giant hug for your senses. You really feel transported into a different dimension, if only for a few minutes. 

As I do not have a bath – sobs quietly in the corner – I have to massage the oil onto my body, before stepping into a steaming hot shower. This works wonders as the heat activates the essential oils. The heat of the shower almost creates a botanical steam, that clears your head and leaves your whole body and mind feeling refreshed. It’s an ultimate winner, everyone should have one in their beauty cabinet. 

With Hygge in mind, taking the time to run a bath for yourself is perfect Indulgence for some me time. Stock up and enjoy the relaxation, there will be no going back. That, I can guarantee.

Available online at Olverum 

125ml £29.00, 250ml £53.00, 15ml Travel Trio £19
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