An Uplifting New Collection To Inspire Your Hygge Time

Last week I caught up with the lovely Amanda Dicker from The Chapel, in a follow up interview about her new collection of products to help us all take a step back and pause for a moment, while indulging in her fragrances. A lot has happened in a year since we last spoke to Amanda, and I must say, it has been really heart warming to see this collection come to life after mentions of it during our interview last year.

The collection comprises of three indulging scents, Noctula which is fruity and zesty, Oparus  which is musky, orangey and  peppery. Lastly, Mellifera which smells divine, a concoction of vanilla, orchid fruits and rose. All three fragrances are available in luxury candles with the most exquisite artwork on the front, indulging hand creams to help restore our dry hands and encourage us to enjoy the moment of massaging the hand cream in, taking those little moments to allow ourselves to pause and gather ourselves together. And finally, the magic wands, a trio of Pulse Point perfume rollerball fragrances, ideal for carrying around in your handbag. I want them all. 

Noctula Candle £65 (320g)

I am in love with the illustrative artwork on the front of the candle, ten out of ten for packaging design. Even the boxes they come in are so pretty with patterns, you want to keep them. 

This is a luxury candle and you can feel the weight and the quality of the ceramic casing. It’s a good one, at 320g it’s a great size and available in all three scents. 

This one, is Noctula, a delightful floral and fruity scent, with zesty mandarin and floral Lily. It’s the perfect uplifting combination for a candle, when you just want to sit back in your luxurious knitwear, on your comfy sofa, wool socks on, blankets surrounding and a nice glass of red wine while you ponder a magazine or catalogue. I can feel myself drifting into this daydream as we speak. 

Noctula brings a sense of peace and prosperity to your home, with a burn time of 80 hours, this is a great one for lighting in the evenings.
Funnily enough, as I removed the candle from its box and placed it upon my bedside table, it wasn’t until I later returned to the room, that I noticed how lovely my bedroom smelled, and this was from the candle before it had even been lit. Impressive. 


Oparus Pulse Point Roll On Fragrance £22

AKA the Magic Wand, this brilliant handbag sized fragrance, is a welcomed moment of calm when applying to pressure points. The scent really is uplifting, it made me want to top it up throughout the day, not because I had too, which was nice. 
Oparus really appealed to me with its deep musk and Amber tones, teamed with notes of Passion flower, orange blossom and black pepper. A real treat to apply, it has now become a handbag staple and I have also added another to my Christmas wishlist. 

The Magic Wand Pulse Point roll on fragrances are my favourite, and I do consciously take the time to pause, take a deeper breath and enjoy the scent of the perfume as I am applying it. 

Mellifera Hand cream £26 (75ml) 

The sweet scent of Mellifera really transports your senses. Vanilla, orchid fruits and floral rose, teamed with moisturising Shea and Cocoa butter make this hand cream a treat to use. The product feels silky and luxurious, a good cream, which absorbs into the skin easily and leaves the nicest aroma. Amanda wants you to take a moment to pause whilst applying her hand cream, really massaging it in, taking a deep breath and allowing the Mellifera scent to transport your senses for a few moments. It’s getting into the habbit of making this a ritual, and taking the time to invest in this ritual each day. You actually start to look forward to those moments of calm throughout your day.

The full range from Amanda Dicker has been a treat to use and enjoy. The fragrances are not like any others I have tried which adds to their uniqueness. I think hands down, the Pulse Point roller ball fragrances are my favourite, I emplore you to try one, you will not be disappointed. 

What ways do you take time for yourself throughout the day? 

Let me know in the comments box below.


Amanda Dicker The Chapel


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