Creating a comfortable Hygge environment with HEMA

Throughout this theme of Hygge, it has been so refreshing to hear the viewpoints of others, be that from the founder of EVE TEMMERMAN telling us about the benefits of Reiki candles, to hearing about interesting brand stories such as Flock by Nature and even Interior Design tips from the talented Hannah Holroyd. I wanted to take some of these tips, and transform my home the Hygge way, making some small changes that wont break the bank, but that will leave a lasting relaxing impression.

Adding a pop of colour is something that can be quite alien for me. I am miss minimal, everything I own down to the clothes on my back, are shades of grey, white, black and beige with next to no colour. So this was a challenge for me, introducing some colourfulness to my otherwise simplistic and tonal room. The Turquoise Diamond Pattern Throw is so unbelievably soft and has a really nice feel against the skin, it’s a great one to snuggle up with on the sofa. During the day, I like to drape it over the top of the sofa, or occasionally folded over one arm. The colour is really subtle, but just enough to compliment the grey surroundings. The whole website has a good selection of throws available, and the price point in particular is very, very affordable. This one is only £18.

Ochre Square Textured Cushion Cover £6

I loved the colour of this cushion cover. It is such a bright pop of freshness without being too in your face. Ochre is a mustardy yellow shade with a tint of orange, it blends well with greys, navy’s, and in fact – quite a lot of shades. As I mentioned earlier, everything in my house is quite minimal and white. So trying to add certain pops of colour into the scheme of things, helps to add a bit of depth and edge to the overall look of the room. It works well here don’t you think?

And of course while you are snuggled up on the sofa, you want to be wearing something soft and comfortable. My go to is the Grey Merino Knit Jumper by Flock by Nature, I also wear their grey and cream wool socks to keep my toes all cosy.

If we are following the theme of Hygge true to its form, then the room would have to be adorned by candles. With lots of complementary scents filling the room, creating a relaxing space to enjoy. I would definitely be having another mulled wine using Black Tower, this was so sweet and warming. Oh how I can just picture that cosy scene in my head, all that is missing now, is some nibbbles to eat and some knitting to knit.


This is not a sponsored post.
Pr samples unless otherwise stated – all views are my own

Images by the talented Zoe Sharpe Photography

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