Indulge Your Skin With A Hygge Beauty Night In 

There’s something about Hygge and planning a night in which gets me excited. I can think of so many ‘stay in at home’ things to do in the evenings, to be quite frank, I’d never need to leave the house again. With that being said, beauty is something we could always invest a bit more time into, and with this idea of Hygge, creating new habits and rituals, a Hygge beauty night in – is something I’m all over.

In the colder months I find my skin needs a little more attention, a little more tlc. Some days I’m drier, others I can be oily and dry and the same time. It’s an up an down rollercoaster. And that’s just my face.  The rest of me still needs devoted attention. In particular my legs. So if anything, it seems like a chore rather than an indulging experience. I suppose the idea is to change your mindset, rather than being overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, which is why I think this mindset is one worth exploring.

How many times, when you wash your face do you indulge in a light facial massage? Or before you moisturise your body, when was the last time you dry bushed or scrubbed? All things that take extra time and effort, but if we take the time to enjoy this process, we can reap their many benefits. I have selected some of my favourite beauty products of the moment to share with you all. In a bid to encourage you to do your own Hygge Beauty night in. A night of pampering and indulgence? How could you even say no?!

ByBi Detox Dust Mask £22

Lady Loves onlineC Hygge Beauty night in, bybi detox dust face mask review
This mask is so fun to prepare. The bottle comes just as dust, finely milled particles that you mix with honey, water and oil (should you wish). It’s a bit of a DIY affair to an extent. But a good one, in the sense that you can tailor the additional ingredients to your skins needs. I opted for some honey, a dash of water and added in some of my Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Facial Oil. You mix it around in a pot, and slather across your face. The product gets to work immediately, you can see the mask starting to set into the skin and dry in. It’s really easy, slap it on and go. So it’s a great one for sitting with a magazine all snuggly on the sofa. Or in my case, sitting on the sofa knitting. The Bybi Detox Dust aims to reduce clogged pores and clean out the skin of impurities. All while leaving skin looking rejuvenated and glowing. A great mid week pick me up. And I really really love the make your own aspect. This is now a firm staple in the LL Beauty Cabinet. 

Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Patches  £53 & Janjira Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Massage Candle  £32 

Lady Loves Online, Hygge Beauty night in, Institut Esthederm Lift and Repair eye patches, hankies Jasmine & Ylang Ylang massage candle, get Hygge with lady Loves

Firstly, the Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Patches have transformed my puffy eyes. I have suffered with puffy eyes all my days and I blame this partially down to the many many years of insomnia and lack of sleep. Eye products are something I invest in, for this reason. I need the products to work. These patches then, aim to lift and repair the delicate eye area. Simply take one of the individually packaged eye strips, apply underneath the eye area and sit with a magazine or a cup of tea for ten minutes or so, to let the eye patches get to work. They aim to help banish signs of fatigue and ageing around the eyes. I now cannot be without them, and I set aside a night each Wednesday to give my eyes some indulgement. I have noticed my eyes look less puffy day to day so these patches are a winner for me. And so easy to apply and use. I’m hoping the longer I use them the more permanent the results may be? Nevertheless, I love them anyway.

The Janjira Massage Candle is very sensual, with notes of Jasmine & Ylang Ylang. This is not an ordinary candle, oh no. This candle allows you to pour the wax to masssge onto the skin. The essential oils, soothe and relax the muscles. It is even more effective, if your significant other applies the melted wax during a back massage, let’s see if we can wangle that one? I’m going to try my luck with Mr LL this evening but I am not holding my breath.  The concept of this candle is brilliant, and I love the fact the fact you are able to use the melted wax. This could really be a nice ritual to get into during Hygge. 

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen £90 & Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum £68 

Lady Loves Online, Hygge beauty night in, algenist genius gold Liquid Collagen review, Algenist Power Pressed night Serum, Hygge Beauty night in, grey Hygge with lady Loves

Algenist have been on my radar for quite some time, usually in the form of mini samples from Space NK goody bags / instore incentives. This has though, exposed me to a small range of their products, in a try before you buy kind of way. Iv converted friends, colleagues, even my own mum. It’s a brand that excites me with their scientific research and I always see great results from using their products. When I received the Genius Liquid Collagen I thought my Christmas’ had come at once. Not only does the bright liquid colour instantly catch your eye, it is jam packed with scientific skincare too. It is the very first in vegan plant Collagen. Using Microalgae Oil beads to help restore the skin’s bounce factor and resilience in as little as ten days. Can you believe, there is 13000 beads of sustainably produced Microalgae Oil in each bottle!!! This potent oil is very rich in Omega 3,6 & 9 as well as a high source of Vitamin E. You will notice your skin looking more radiant with a youthful glow after ten days. It’s so simple and easy to apply, it’s a welcomed addition to my morning Hygge beauty routine.

The Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed  Serum aims to reduce the first signs of ageing, smoothes any uneven textures on the skin, diminishes dullness so your complexion glows, as well as energising fatigued skin. ALL WHILE YOI SLEEP. Now this, is my kind of product. I had never used a Pressed Serum before. It’s basically solid, like a cream in a sense, but it’s a concentrated Serum, you just rub your fingers over it as you would do a cream and massage into pre cleansed skin before bed and you are ready for the magic to happen while you sleep. 

Optiat Hit The Sheets Vanilla Coffee Scrub £9.99

Lady Loves Online, Hygge beauty night in, an interview with Optiat, Optiat coffee scrub vanilla velvet

I caught up with the lovely duo of Optiat earlier in the week to learn more about their brand. Optiat coffee scrubs have such a back story it’s really worth a read. Their Vanilla Velvet Coffee scrub is great for scrubbing away dead skin cells and the caffeine within the scrub helps to combat against cellulite and stretch marks. Just scrub away. I find this a great one to start with in the shower. The product is dark – obviously being coffee grounds, and so with that comes a lot of dark water and mess, so for me, I like the get that part out the way first. The product works into the skin well, I found myself craving a coffee with the sweet smell aeriating in the shower. I used a shower gel afterwards to remove any lingering particles or possible residue and I must say, my skin was unbelievably soft and smooth. 

Odylique Repair Lotion £20 & What Skin Needs Skin Balm £14

Lady Loves Online, Hygge Beauty night in, odylique Repair Lotion, what skin needs skin balm
The Odylique Repair Lotion has been a saviour for my very dry, chicken skin like legs. It’s packed full of healing ingredients such as chamomile to calm and soothe, biodynamic chickweed which helps ease itchy prone skin, calendula which promotes healing, aloe vera to repair and hypericum to protect the skin. Quite the cocktail, what’s more, it’s also completely natural as well as being a vegan product and 94% organic. A great one for anyone with dry or eczema prone skin. 

The Skin Balm by What Skin Needs is another healing and repair type moisturiser, but what I like most about this one is it’s cell renewal properties thanks to their active ingredient Plantolin™. It’s a great one for reviving stressed, dry and damaged skin. One to keep on hand for use during the winter months. 
It’s time to really indulge in the application of these products, relaxing and massaging as you go. Using it as an excuse to put your feet up and have some me time, pick up a magazine or a book, relax. Enjoy yourself – by doing very little. The beauty of a Hygge Beauty night in. 






Photography by the talented Zoe Sharpe 

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  1. I rarely have the time to just sit back and relax with two boys, it’s such a shame. Maybe when they’re a bit older x

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