An Interview With; Interior Designer Hannah Holroyd of Home By Hannah

It’s not often you get the opportunity to find out the best tips from an Interior Designer, first hand. I was keen to find out more from Hannah Holroyd of Home by Hannah, an Interior Designer with a passion for Hygge and creating homes with practical and inspirational designs.  

When we think of our own homes, it can be hard at times know what to do, or what changes to make to improve your interiors. Cost is also a big factor, it can be hard to change colour schemes if you have to replace expensive items each time. 

The good thing is, with Hygge, it’s about creating a relaxing space, adding textures and soft furnishings to enhance relaxation. So no need to change the curtains and sofa. Unless you want to of course. 

It was interesting to find out more about Hannah, I love her motto and ethos in particular, find out more in the interview below. 

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

My love of home design stems from my happiness growing up with my family. I remember telling my mum and dad that I would never leave, but was assured that one day I would want to create my own home. This is where my joy in creating beautiful, sociable and functional spaces which allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy life was borne.

 I love sourcing a favourite piece of furniture or a beautiful fabric that provide the inspiration from which a whole room can be designed. Where possible I endeavour to mix existing furniture within the scheme to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

My aim is for your home to feel like a warm hug.


I love your philosophy “to create a space where you can feel rested, cosy and inspired.”

It sounds so inviting. With this in mind, what has been your favourite project to date?

Renovating my own home for my family lies close to my heart but I also introduced Hygge to the staff at my son’s school – this has brought such joy to his teachers. In fact, they don’t want to leave after a break which has brought its own problems with the Head of the school! The school has been part of my life since 2008 when my daughter started. I care about the staff and their well-being and I can see the difference it has made. I’m currently working on a scheme for the SEN (Special Education Needs ) room in the school which will be named the ‘Hygge Room”.


If we could only do one thing on a low budget, what is the easiest thing we could do to improve the interior design of our homes?

Lighting! A combination of mood and decorative lighting. A prelit birch tree at night or a soft glow lamp can create a calming atmosphere on dark, autumnal evenings. My favourite light designer is Tom Raffield – I now have two pieces of his stunning steamed wood lighting.

 My other top tip is – buy what you love – let your interior evolve – build it over time. My Fired Earth marble tiles were expensive but used in a small area will keep costs down. The same goes for a small area of wallpaper.


I notice you like cushions, I myself have a bit of an obsession. Do you have any favourites? Who is your go to?

West Elm – My love of West Elm cushions was inspired from a holiday in St Agnus, Cornwall – I built a whole scheme around them. Not only are the beautiful but they pride themselves on offering products and services to help customers create a home that tells their story. They build community with customers, collaborators and associates, connecting like-minded strangers through inspiration, conversation, events and activities. They focus on conscientious and honest business practices in everything we do, handcrafted products and sustainability.

I have also recently discovered a beautiful Neptune shop– the most wonderful shopping experience to date! A tea/coffee on arrival, Sonos throughout and delicious smelling candles – what’s not to love! Cushions purchased today to add to my collection!


Have you heard of Hygge? (Yes) What does Hygge mean to you? And does it influence your work?

My personal Hygge is creating a warm, creamy leek and potato soup on an autumnal evening, serving it in my Grandma’s crockery, which evokes treasured childhood memories whilst surrounded by gorgeous family & friends in my cosy home. This encapsulates the feeling of a place of well-being, connection, and warmth.

 Learning about Hygge has allowed me to explore a deeper connection with the meaning of home, how to offer this to my clients, whilst endeavouring to use existing pieces in a scheme. I love bringing nature into a scheme, birds, birch trees and any connection to nature.


 Later this week we will be sharing your tips on creating a relaxed and comfortable home with Hygge in mind, what can we expect?

 I’ll be focusing on the 5 senses – Furnish your mind, heart and soul. Engage all your senses…





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14 thoughts on “An Interview With; Interior Designer Hannah Holroyd of Home By Hannah

  1. Such a great interview! I have always been interested in interior design, however I don’t think I’d be all that good, haha x

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