Exclusive Hygge Home Styling Tips From Interior Designer Hannah Holdroyd

Have you ever wondered how to make changes to your home in a cost effective way, so that it has an impact on its overall look and design. I do, I often wonder as I look at beautiful pictures of expertly Interior Designer homes, how do I recreate this on my budget? More often that not, it is a very hard thing to do, since my taste always seems to gravitate towards the expensive. It got me thinking about how to transform your home into a Hygge environment, and who better to share their top tips than an expert, read on to find out how to create a Hygge home by Hannah Holroyd of Home By Hannah.

Creating my own home has been such a passion for me that I’d like to share my tips for creating your own Hygge home.   
Hygge is all about creating sanctuary, whilst paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive, which creates a feeling of belonging to the moment.  


My mood board focuses on how you can feel belonging to that moment by engaging the five senses. Love, Scent, Visual, Light, and Touch – these senses encapsulate my personal Hygge.




So what would my personal Hygge look like? It’s being cocooned in a cosy blanket on a cold autumnal day, in a space which is surrounded by a handful of objects with huge sentimental value, bathed in the warm glow of my scandi white birch pre lit tree, and fragranced candles surrounded by my family & friends.


Hygge is ultimately it is about celebrating the everyday. So, go ahead and create the warmth whilst embracing this wonderful autumn.  


And remember; we live in a hectic world – let your home be your calm.


With love




Visit me at homebyhannah or on Instagram.
Words by Hannah Holroyd Home By Hannah 
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