Hygge, Comfort In Clothing Wearing Flock By Nature 

Hygge and fashion, it seems like an odd relationship, don’t you think? Why should it even matter what we wear? Well, the thing is , Hygge is more than just lighting a bunch of candles and having some ‘me time’ on the odd occasion, it is about really making a conscious change to create this Hygge life and have it influence all that you do. When we think about what we wear and the connotations of Hygge, what we mean is, invest in long term items that you love, care for and that bring joy. 

I was thrilled to work wth Flock by Nature, a sustainable brand wth a brilliant back story – you can find out all about this in their Interview. The beauty of Flock is that not only are they ethically sourced, sustainably made and a small local business you can support, the product itself is bloody fantastic and is made with style & wellbeing in mind. 

Lady Loves Online, relaxed women lying on a grey sofa wearing Merino knitwear, Flock By Nature
The second I slipped into my grey merino wool long sleeved jumper, I knew a love affair had begun. The merino wool is so welcomed by my skin, it feels like a giant hug. Soft, cosy, warming and safe feeling. When we think of Hygge and these relaxing evenings, be them beauty nights in or just setting aside some Hygge time, it makes sense that the choices we make in our wardrobes, also has a mindful element to it. 
Hygge is about enjoying the little things in life, but also about surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy and love. As well as people of course. This makes you selective, a little bit like minimalism, as to what you wear or even buy for your home.

Flock by Nature, Flock By Nature Eloise Merino blush jumper, sustainable Merino knitwear, Flock By Nature, Hygge fashion, lady Loves Online

For me, there is no nicer evening that sitting on my sofa, curled up with some blankets, wearing my Flock By Nature Merino Knit & Socks and drinking a hot chocolate and/or knitting. The comfort factor is off the scale, and while I wear this jumper all the time now, I have saved my pink version for dressed up nights with heels – one for lounging in daily and one for special outings. It’s a win win. What I also love about Flock by Nature, is that they guarantee their product, for life. Within reason of course. If you have a problem or a pull, get in contact with them and they will aim to repair the issue for you. How is that for service? It means you really can fall in love with knitwear for life. Well Flock by Nature knitwear anyways.

Flock by Nature, grey Merino dipped hem long sleeved jumper women’s, Hygge fashion, sustainable fashion, Lady loves online

Both the pink and grey Merino Knit jumpers have a a deep ribbed cuff, I especially like this design detail, it keeps everything snug, and warm. The dropped shoulder gives a real relaxed feel, together with the dipped hem at the back, this makes for an extra special lounging jumper. 

I am an absolute nightmare for wearing slippers in the house, or socks for that matter. But the Alpaca & Merino ones by Flock have not been off my feet. The Alpaca & Merino socks come in cream with a pink stripe, and the same with a grey stripe. They are so comfy on your feet,  feel so luxurious and soft and not at all itchy.  I would be snapping these up for Christmas gifts. 

There is also an exclusive discount code for you Lady Loves readers. Get 15% off by entering LADYLOVES15 at checkout. 

A great excuse to treat yourself to something with meaning that will bring you great joy. 

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Grey Merino Jumper | Alpaca & Merino Socks | Blush Merino Jumper





This is not a sponsored post. 

Items in this post have been gifted for this feature. 

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