Hygge Candle Edit – Relax, Restore & Unwind 

Lighting lots of candles around the living room during the winter months, I find, creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere, some ambience if you will. There is so many scents to choose from and I find this part adds to the excitement of it all. Discovering new scents. Hygge is more than just lighting candles, but it is a part of it. There is something about candlelight that soothes and relaxes. It makes a room seem warm and inviting, nice and cosy. Especially if you have a real fire.

Candles can help to relax you, or even energise you, depending on the blend. The beauty of essential oils, is their wonderful benefits. Depending on what you choose, lavender for example, is renowned for its relaxing properties which is great one for helping you sleep at night too.

I wanted to share some candles that are helping to create my Hygge space at home. Scent can really improve your mood, providing it’s a nice one of course. People remember if you have a nice smelling home too, so candles and room sprays are a great way to fragrance your home so that whoever walks through the door, is warmed by the smell inside.

Landon Tyler 

Landon Tyler are one of my favourites for being so well priced in the market. The variety of scents and the sizes they are available in, means you can find the right candle for everyone. For me, I especially love a 3 wick or more candle. It adds a touch of class and expense to the room. But with Landon Tyler, you need not spend more than £14 to upkeep your three wick candle. I have chosen three of my favourite scents from the range. I particularly love the Amber and sandalwood tones for the living room, with the wild berry scents perfect for the bathroom.

Dark Cashmere 3 Wick Candle £9.33 currently on offer at Boots. 

This is a beautiful candle, nice size with the traditional frosted glass casing and three wicks – my favourite – with notes of vetiver, patchouli, cedar, clove and cinamon. 

Wild Berries Trio Candle Set £10

This Trio is great as a Christmas gift, and is available is all of the Landon Tyler signature scents. Wild Berries is a sweet fragrance and has notes of cranberries, raspberries, wild rose, tea and sandalwood. 

Golden Amber Candle £10 a sophisticated fragrance with notes of francincense, musk, patchouli, nutmeg, rose and my favourite, sandalwood. 

Eve Temmerman 

Reiki infused candles are something that are new to me. Which was why I was keen to catch up with the founder of the brand. You can read this mini interview below.  Each candle, diffuser and room spray has a meaning and purpose. Just the scent can’t uplift your mood and start you off on the right track for the day. The Reiki Infused candles each have a purpose, and aim. Whether that be helping you let go of certain situations or boost your creativity. I kind of like this idea of creating a ritual, using these candles as a way of meditating, perhaps sitting one evening with your reiki infused candle burning, you may be drawing or painting. Or perhaps, you’re writing or just reading. Creating a ritual like this,  by lighting your candle whilst doing the things that bring you joy, can only improve on your wellbeing and happiness. Give it a try. 

Sensual Reiki Infused Candle £33 with notes of Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and my favourite ingredient of them all, Sandalwood. Burning this candle balanced your sacral chakra promoting healthy desire, creativity as well as emotional balance.

Fearless Reiki Infused Room Spray £13 this has been a firm favourite and I really find it boost my mood, the scent is very aromatic with a slight spice to it. Comprising or Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cinamon, Frankincense & Patchouli. The Fearless Spray aims to balance your root chakra, helps promote prosperity, security and the ability to let go. 

Revitalising Reiki Infused Reed Diffuser £25 the scent from this diffuser lifts my living room and transforms into a relaxing space, the essential oils dance around the room and you really do feel refreshed and revitalised as you sit and take in the divine smell. With notes of Clary Sage. grapefruit, lavender, juniper berry and rosemary. It’s main aim is to balance your third eye leaving you with clear vision, imagination and psychic perception.

The EVE TEMMERMAN range is very luxurious, I particularly love the black and copper packaging. 

I caught up with Jodie, founder of Eve Temmerman to find out what Hygge means to her;

What is the importance of chakra candles?
Chakra candles are a beautiful way to compliment meditation, yoga, alternative and mainstream therapies and spiritual practice, they also smell lovely! Our products each have a unique blend of pure essential oils with a focus on the seven chakras, they are hand poured and infused with reiki during the blending stage. Lighting a chakra candle releases the essential oils and healing reiki energy, aiding the balance of the chakras through aromatherapy and reiki intention. Our interactive chakra tool can help you to understand which chakras may be out of balance http://evetemmerman.com/quiz/.

For me, I love that there is a blend for every day. For the days that I want to be Insightful, Revitalised, Eloquent, Compassionate, Tranquil, Sensual or Fearless. I light that candle with intention and I feel like I have extra loving energy helping me with what I need most at that time. 

What does Hygge mean to you? 

Hygge is a sense of well-being felt through the small things in life and it is exactly that sort of feeling I get when I light a candle. Hygge to me is not just a trend, it is a way of life. Hygge is living in the moment and appreciating the simple things around you, leading to that cosy contentment. 

How would you create the perfect Hygge night in? 

Seeing as Hygge is all about cosiness, I’d start off by getting out of my day clothes and into comfy indoor attire. My space would be surrounded with comfy blankets, delicious nibbles, lit candles, a pot of long brewed herbal tea and good movies ready to go. My tip is to put away the phones and laptops too!

Get an exclusive 15% off Eve Temmerman on the Etsy store using code LADYLOVESHYGGE at checkout. 

London Refinery 

Relax Soy Wax Candle £20

Create a relaxing ambience and transform your surroundings with this candle.  London Refinery are all about crafting natural fragrances with pure essential oils using soy wax. All of their products are free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or paraffin. The scents aim to transport your senses and bring your wellbeing a moment of calm. Lavender & rose essential oils, make up the scent of this relaxing candle with 40 hours burn time. I especially love how potent the essential oils smell, with up to 100 drops per candle! Each candle is made by hand in their London Studio. 

E & A (Essence & Alchemy)

Essence & Alchemy are a brand inspired by nature and the elements.  Their candles are made from 100% natural rapeseed wax, as well as being completely organic and vegan, the beakers are reusable. I love the style of the beakers and it makes for an unusual take on your traditional candle holder. 

Unwind Candle from £25 with notes of lavender & sweet marjoram, the unwind candle aims to create a relaxing atmosphere whilst relaxing and soothing your mind. 
Tranquility Room Spray £18 With notes of vetiver, relaxing patchouli and geranium this room spray is an ideal one for the living room to help create a relaxing atmosphere through the power of smell. I found the fragrance very fresh and uplifting, a welcomed smell in the morning as I potter around the house. 
Floral Tealight Set £8.50  these come in a pack of three with a small brushed brass tealight holder. They may be small, but their scents pack a punch. A great one of you haven’t got a long time to burn the candle to the end (to prevent tunnelling) the tea lights are great for those in between moments.

All of the above mentioned brands are great small brands to get behind this Christmas. And equally would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Don’t forget, you get 15% off EVE TEMMERMAN Etsy store by entering LADYLOVESHYGGE at checkout. 



Images by the talented Zoe Sharpe Photography

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