The Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) With Wool And The Gang Knit Kits 

There seems to be a buzz lately about knitting, and I myself have caught the bug. At first I didn’t really see the appeal, but after receiving a snood Knit kit for Christmas a couple of years ago, I found the whole process to be rather relaxing and surprisingly it came with benefits. I felt more rested and relaxed in the evenings, my mind was quieter and at times, silent whilst knitting. Which for an anxious person like me, is a rareity. I felt like I slept better each night I knitted. And I strongly believe it’s a great way to wind down, a knitting meditation if your will. 

Wool And The Gang  have launched their JOMO (Joy of missing out) campaign in a bid to encourage us to get together, and have a fun night knitting. It’s a brilliant idea. And one that ties in so wonderfully with the theme of Hygge. 

Iv recently started a little craft evening with two friends (so far), we plan to get together each week to have our little craft evening. Each taking it in turns to cook for each other and host an evening, but more importantly it’s a great way to catch up and spend time together doing something fun and creative with our nights. 

JOMO then, is a welcomed movement in my opinion. Never more have I wanted to stay indoors and craft the nights away knitting. My recent project, a step up from the snoods Iv been doing, is the Dreamin Jumper by Wool And The Gang. 

A complete kit, with everything you need to complete said project. I love this idea of everything coming with just what you need, as at times, it can be quite confusing choosing yarns and knowing what will be the right look and feel for your project. Or at least this is what I find, being a beginner. 

It’s very convenient. And the the patterns are really lust worthy, an enviable collection of knitwear. All of which you can create yourself. There are tutorial videos to help should you get stuck, and I am now on my way to finishing off the back of my Jumper. It’s a great way to wind down in the evenings, and once you get the hand of the motion, you barely need to look at what your doing. Everything just flows. 

This is my first knit kit from Wool And The Gang, but it certainly won’t be the last. I am hooked on this JOMO vibe and encourage friends and readers to do the same. 

Knitting night round mine anyone? 


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