Christmas Tree Decorating with Gifts – Baubles & Crackers 

Kick starting the first of the Christmas Gift Guides today, with tree gifts. Now, tree gifts have come along way since my day – it was just a measley chocolate on a string but now, there are no limits to the treats you can find for your tree. From miniature products of your favourites, to lip balms and alcohol, and pretty much everything in between.

Decorating the tree has been something I look more and more forward to the older I get. I now feel like I ‘get it’ the whole, deck the tree ritual, getting excited about your ornaments and strategically placing them on your tree, not forgetting to stand back to take in your vision before making a few small adjustments. Oh how thirty something life has changed me. For the better of course. Decorating my tree this year was done in pure style, wearing my Flock By Nature Eloise Jumper in Blush.

I especially like a tree gift, be them in the form of a bauble or a cracker, they are exciting. The contents, unknown. In fact, they make perfect secret Santa gifts, the contents tend to be varied and more often than not will suit your recipient.
There is an ovewhelming amount of tree gifts, I could have just done a dedicated Christmas feature on tree gifts, but that would have become a tad monotonous. Instead, Iv chosen my three favourites.

Feel Unique Shine Cracker £17.50

A simple cracker comprising on favourite make up essentials, including, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara & primer, from brands including By Terry & Odylique.

Feel Unique Shine Bauble £4.20

Such a great price point (currently on offer) for a secret santa gift. This bauble not only looks the part on your tree but comes with a very festive Bourjois Red lipstick inside.

Time Bomb Cracker £10 Complete with the legendary Time Bomb Hand cream duo.





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