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This year, rather than setting unrealistic resolutions or going dry for January, I decided I’m going ‘try’ things in January. The concept really is as simple as it sounds, trying new things in the month of January. I find that January, can be a little bit of a drab month, mainly because the weather is really cold and dreary, more often than not, you are skint after Christmas and of course, the dreaded Christmas bloat thanks to all those extra pigs in blankets and one to many crackers of cheese.

So giving things up then, on top of all of this negativity, seems like a recipe for disaster for me. I need to be uplifted and inspired when I feel down like this, not depriving myself of life’s small pleasures, i.e. Gin and chocolate. Trying things then, has a happier connotation to them, in my mind anyway. It feel less like I am having to give things up and more excited about trying something new, perhaps this is the way to do new year resolutions, trying new things rather than giving them up.

Since getting engaged, I have been trying to eat healthier – but without having to give up much of my favourite things, I’m an everything in moderation kind of girl. So rather than declaring my bad foods as forbidden, I’d rather try eat less of them and maybe try a new healthy snack that I might turn out liking.

When Protein Ball Co sent me a taster box of their Protein Ball Collection, I was keen to give them a try as part of my ‘Try January’ series. The range is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is free from gluten and added sugar. Not to mention being jam packed full of protein. Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of everything from repairing muscle to maintaining bones.  It can help to reduce hunger pains and boost metabolism which helps to improve overall fitness.

With that being said, they are rather tasty little things. Much to my surprise.

Since I don’t tend to eat breakfast in the morning, I have been looking for something small, bite sized and tasty that I can eat mid morning to kill the hunger pains. When I get up in the morning, I have a cup of tea in bed and then eat nothing until lunch, which looking at it now, seems like a long time to be without food, no wonder I am starving mid morning. These little balls have been an excellent addition for mid morning snacking. They help to fill the void, and the fact they are healthy are a bonus.

My favourite flavours so far have been the Orange & Cacao and the Raspberry Brownie balls. I think these will become staples in my weekly shop from now on. I am so surprised at how much I enjoy them.


What flavours have you tried?



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