JOMO Wool & The Gang Dreamin’ Sweater Progress

You may have remembered my post about JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out, a brilliant campaign run by Wool And The Gang in a bid to get us doing more indoors with friends and taking up a hobby, such as knitting.

Iv been knitting constantly at the moment, with various projects running at once. I find this keeps things interesting and varied. But it also means it takes things so much longer to finish.

The Dreamin’ jumper was started in November, and while this is a simple beginners knit pattern, I found I had a bigger tension with one of the sleeves and had to take that arm apart to re knit.

With that being said, I have finished the front and back panels, and one of the sleeves. So I’m hoping I can get the second arm finished and begin sewing together each of the pieces over the next few days.

I really love the chunkiness of this knit, it uses 6 skeins of Wool And the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool, comprising solely of the knit stitch on 15mm needles. It’s a lovely wool to knit with, and a great one for beginners.


Dreamin Jumper Knit Kit


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