Try January; Start Your Day With Ocean Spray #sponsored

We finally made it through January, how many New Years Resolutions haves you broken so far? Surprisingly, I have not broken any. But that is because you might remember me saying, I’m trying things as my New Years Resolutions, rather than giving them up. This means I get to spend my year looking forward to trying new things, which is rather exiting if I do say so myself.

Iv been trying to adopt an ‘everything in moderation lifestyle’, making healthy choices where I can, but making sure things like Taco Bell deliveries are still on the menu. Everything in moderation remember. I also struggle with cutting out things like, white bread, cheese, all the carby things really.

I started small with those wonderful little protein balls which were a great addition to my morning routine. I cannot believe how full up I feel from them and they have remained a staple in my diet this month.

When I looked at my diet, I realised how little fruit I actually consume. To the point it is rather shocking for a woman in her mid thirties to be acting this way.  I am beginning to wonder how my skin and physical health has survived. Since this  realisation,  I needed to get a handle of my lack of fruit consuming.  Fruit is essential for vitamins and nutrients and I seem to be missing the lot, which  in turn, could be having a detrimental effect of my skin and my health.

When Ocean Spray sent  LLHQ some of their new delicious Whole Berry juices and asked me to share what I thought of them, I knew this was going to be a great way for me to get more vitamins into my diet, all by introducing a morning drink of Ocean Spray Whole Berries.

My favourite of the two had to be the Mixed Berry blend, which includes, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry & strawberry. It is so delicious and refreshing, quite thick in consistency but so easy and refreshing to drink. Each carton has 40 whole crushed cranberries and is NOT from concentrate! And with one serving of fruit, fibre and vitamin C in every glass, it has started my morning off the right way. I can’t believe I am getting one of my five a day from a glass of cranberries each morning.

I like to mix it up, and some mornings I blend my juice and breakfast together as a smoothie. I have been really enjoying this recipe below, the combination of the Whole Berry Juice mixed with lots of actual fruit makes it taste so delicious. Iv had to limit myself to 3 a week. Otherwise, I’m just being gluttonous rather than healthy.

Whole Berry Morning Smoothie


3/4 Cup Ocean Spray Whole Berry Juice (any flavour I used Mixed Berry)

3/4 cup frozen (or fresh) mixed berries – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

1 x 6 ounce of low fat berry yoghurt

1/2 sliced banana


Combine all of the ingredients into a blender or smoothie maker. You only need to blend the fruit for a few seconds until it has dissolved and mixed well together.

Pour the contents into your glass and enjoy your morning breakfast/ one of your five a day.

I cannot get over how easy and tasty this smoothie is. I really noticed the difference in my attention and energy levels in the morning, almost immediately the next day.  I feel a lot more energised, and it’s nice to know I’m packing myself full of antioxidants and vitamins.

I also found myself pondering the possibility of cranberry cocktails, I mean, surely with all that goodness, mixing with Mr Alcohol creates a healthier style of alcoholic beverage?!

I shall keep you posted of this, some gin experimenting shall be underway over the next few days.


Ocean Spray Whole Berries


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