My Five Favourite Striped Dresses For Spring Summer Dressing

Stripes?! I know even I had to do a double take. It seems my minimalistic style is taking a bit of a detour. I notice as my confidence grows and I become more and more aware of my sense of self, I am becoming more prone to taking chances and risks, not just in fashion. Recently I have been dancing along the line of prints, first polka dots and now, stripes.

Striped dresses can be done well, and done really not so well, so it is always worth checking fabric choice and overall style and cut of the striped garment before you buy.

I find light fabrics such as cotton and linen work best for those really warm days. But there are some other suggestions here that work well for transitioning your outfit from day to night. It is also worth pointing out, that the screen does not always do a garment justice. And in actual fact, a dress I had discarded when viewed online, I fell in love with in the flesh. To the point I couldn’t believe it was the same garment. It sadly, had not been photographed at the best angle to really show the dress off in all its glory. The point being, the model doesn’t always sell the garment, and sometimes, it’s worth adding to basket to give it a try. Chances are, it will really suit and you will knock it out of the park style wise.

Feast your eyes on my five favourite striped garments for summer dressing.

Arket Double Knot Dress £71

MANGO Striped midi dress £29.99

MANGO Striped wrap dress £49.99

ZARA Frilled striped dress £29.99

ZARA Striped patchwork dress £39.99

Get your stripe on! Which is your favourite?

This is not a sponsored post. No affiliate links have been used.

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