SPF In Your Makeup – Is It Enough?

As we ease ourselves into a new week, the bank holiday blues may have set in. The weather this weekend was a tad a unpredictable, for days we were threatened with thunderstorms and heavy rain and the majority of the weekend ended up being really muggy and really warm. Which was great, until I got caught out in the sun.

SPF is something I actively look for as an ingredient in products I use daily, be that a moisturiser or a foundation. It’s nice to think I have that base covered and my face is protected from the the effects of the suns rays. Lord knows I have become rather aware of how quickly the skin can age due to prolonged sun exposure, but how protected are we, when using only an SPF contained in a moisturiser or a Foundation?

I discovered on Saturday – after buying my wedding dress and celebrating with a few bottles of bubbly in the sun, that my nose and forehead were a tad rouge. I was furious with myself as I am so good at applying sunscreen, however realised that on Saturday I had only applied SPF through my foundation. Which either means that I didn’t apply it properly which resulted in areas becoming burnt or, simply the SPF content isn’t enough to protect the skin alone when contained within a foundation.

It got me thinking about the application process of these products – and how do we even know we are getting the coverage of SPF that is needed. It seems to be a bit of a grey area, unless of course you apply a dedicated sunscreen every morning as your base.

Iv set myself on a little investigative mission, to see how effective these multi tasking products are and really, whether SPF in your moisturiser and foundation alone, are enough. In the hope, of finding the best products with maximum protection.

Stay tuned for the results next month.

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  1. I always use a separate SPF. Theory being you don’t apply enough foundation to get the required amount of SPF needed for proper coverage. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts after the month xx

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