The Must Have Summer Sandals by Steve Madden

Summer time sandals. For some, no doubt a fun experience to go shopping for summer sandals, those with normal feet, of course. But if you have ballerina feet like me, with a high instep and arch as well as long gangly toes, the process can be anything but exciting.

A chore, some may say. An excursion of defeat, as it often is, due to not being able to find the right shapes, or styles that do not cut your feet in half but at the same time don’t empty your bank account buying them. It really can be a bit of a minefield for those who suffer with their search for comfortable, nice looking, summer sandals. And no, crocs are not a viable solution.

When I discovered not one, but two, pairs of comfy sandals, I had to share. The fact they are both leather means they mould really well around your feet and get better with age. An investment piece you could call it, well for this summer anyway.

Both sandals are by Steve Madden, and purchased from Dune. I did manage to get a little discount as I purchased them at the airport, securing a cheeky tax free discount which inevitably saw me buy not one, but two pairs. See my new summer sandals below. Comfortable, very versatile and they did not break the bank.

The Red Leather Slip Ons £50

For effortless dressing and jazzing up a pair of cropped jeans, these Hermes lookalikes were the first to catch my eye. They did start a little tighter around the front, but because of the soft leather, they have moulded to my feet shape with regular wear. I really love these, and in actual fact would return to buy the other two shades. I will be keeping my eyes well and truly peeled come summer sale time.


The Everyday Tan Ones £60

Now these are the most comfortable, soft sandals I have ever worn, and they do really well on long walking journeys without cutting the feet. Which nowadays is pretty much how I define a comfortable day shoe – one that does not hurt or cut the feet and these beauties fit that bill perfectly. Worn here with striped culottes, but work really well with dresses and shorts.


Have you found your summer sandals yet? What are your favourite go to summer sandal brands?

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