The Top 3 Hero Beauty Products To Give Your Skin That Sexy Summer Glow

Glowing skin. Something we all would like to see on a daily basis with minimal effort, but as we surpass the 30 year old mark and head into the ‘mid-thirties’ things like ‘a natural glow’ don’t come as easy to my skin, something my 20 something self took for granted.

Beauty advice from millennials nowadays is a fine line between looking like you have caked on too much make up or resemble a disco ball with the amount of highlighter used. The truth be told? I don’t actually like wearing a lot of makeup, and while I still like to achieve a flawless base, I like to do it more on the au natural side of things, rather than looking like I have slathered said products on with a trowel and a chunky felt tip marker ala the only way is Essex gals.

Simplicity is key for me, I don’t want to have to get up super early to start an hour routine on my face, I want to slap it on and go but still look bloody amazing, and I don’t think that is too much to ask, do you?

With that being said, I wanted to share my recent trio of favourites that make my skin glow and look so fresh even on the days when I am not feeling so great. I would stock the truck up on these, say hello to your new go-to’s

Product 1; Becca First Light Primer £28 – It is all about the base, no but really.

I began to think that primers were a bit of a scam. Either you need to spend a small fortune on one to really work, or they just don’t sit well on the skin, for me, anyways.

That was until I discovered the BECCA First Light Primer, my god this thing is a gamechanger. The colour, is purple, but do not let that put you off. This primer sinks deep into the skin to fill in all of the lines, wrinkles and crevasses a little bit like polyfiller; but far more fabulous dahling. It also refreshes tired, dull looking skin, making it look awake and refreshed. So how does this primer work? Well, it helps to diffuse harsh light all while softening the look of tired skin leaving skin with a healthy looking glow and flawless base for make up application.

Product 2; NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation £35 – For A Flawless Complexion

If you heard all the hype about this foundation, and there was a ALOT of hype. you would not have been disappointed. It really does do just as well if not better than its claims. And I find myself catching myself in reflections throughout the day thinking, my god my skin looks good. And really, it is down to using these three products. When I say slap on and go, I literally mean slap on and go…. I can apply these products in the dark. There are no fancy gadgets or techniques to adopt, it really is that simple.

This foundation then, I actually had to buy one shade up because they had sold out of my correct shade. Nevertheless, with a bit of blending and some fake tan applied underneath, this foundation is good to go. It is quite silky and fluid to the touch, it gives you a full coverage without looking cakey and I do try and apply it lightly, using a Sephora foundation brush and buffing in circles. Working from the centre of your face and blending outwards.

You can see how much the redness has gone down and my face looks much fresher also. This is using two small pumps of foundation and a foundation brush. If you like a really full coverage, you can easily build on the application and build up to the coverage to suit your needs.

Product 3 – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (limited edition) – The All Over Glow

Firstly this palette is no longer available. Talk about flaunting a product you cannot buy. However, this palette features each Christmas with Space NK as a limited edition from Hourglass. I have missed out on every years palette bar last years. And I can say, it is by far the best beauty purchase I have ever made. From a convenience point of view and a performance one. This little palette does it all!

From ambient lighting powders, to bronzer, two different types of blush and a highlighter, this palette has your face gleaming without looking too slick.

I would set a reminder for December this year so you too can get your hands on one of these palettes. I’m excited to see what this years will look like.

The results I would say are rather amazing given the first picture. Even if I do say so myself, and the process is really easy. These three products make my life simple, they work really well so I can just slap on and go – and I know they will make me look good, even if I have not had enough sleep the night before. They are my secret saviours. The primer is such a game changer but I could not be without the Hourglass palette. That my friends, is a worthwhile investment, for your face anyways.

All 3 products are available at Space NK.

This is not a sponsored post, all views are my own.

No affiliate links have been used.

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